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Wide white trousers with orange and white polo shirt

Wide white trousers with orange and white polo shirtEvery new item of the 10 items I am “allowed” to buy this year, should be one which I can style multiple ways, right? This time I have combined the wide white trousers with an orange and white polo shirt. You have seen this shirt before, photographed amongst the tulips. I didn’t like the shirt much that time. Perhaps because the proportions with the cropped pink trousers wasn’t what I liked. See for yourself.

I asked Marjolein whether we could go back to that lovely city of Delft and she agreed.

Below: Lots of churches and picturesque streets in Delft.

Wide white trousers with orange and white polo shirt

Below: I wore my new light green summer shoes with this outfit. Just to add a colour punch to the outfit. They are as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Light green flat summer shoes

Below: This is a side of the town hall.


Below: And this is the front. Magnificent building.

Delft town hall

Below: On the steps of the town hall. You can see the cut-outs of the slingbacks.

Wide white trousers with orange and white polo shirt

Below: The addition of the necklace was Misja’s suggestion (MisjaB). I like it; the pink in the necklace picks up the pink around the button area of the polo and the rim of the collar.

polo shirt

Below: When I wore this necklace before I had already found out that those yellow/silver earrings go well with it. The addition of the bracelets (two yellow ones and one green one in the middle) might be a bit much but Iris Apfel would disagree.

Wide white trousers with orange and white polo shirt

Below: Time for lunch. Marjolein knew a square with many restaurants. To our surprise, most of the restaurants were closed. Luckily, not all of them, and we landed ourselves at an exotic restaurant called HANNO. They serve street food from South-Africa, Mexico, Thailand, Peru and Sri Lanka. That was different, but tasty. No regrets.


Below: Sometimes a boat in a canal serves as a restaurant terrace.


Below: Beautiful big church.


Below: We happened to stumble upon a little street with mosaic art. The city of Delft in mosaic, how cool is that!! Marjolein knew about it but where was it? Lady luck was with us.

Delft in mosaic

Below: Marjolein in front of the mosaic, looking great as she always does. I love her blazer (part of a three-piece suit) and her shirt is very ‘Delft blue’.


Below: Avoiding being too matchy matchy, Marjolein chose to wear this ‘braided’ bag by Essentiel Antwerp.

Bag Marjolein

Below: I had to take a close-up shot of the mosaic work. What a terrific piece of art.

Delft close-up mosaic work

Below: As we continued we went past a strange door with ‘art’. We liked it and I think this is a really good photo.

Wide white trousers with orange and white polo shirt

Below: Another beautiful building. If you ever visit the Netherlands, Delft should be on your list.


Hope you like this second Delft post as much as you liked the first one.

What happened in my life this week

Strange week with lots to do.

Saturday was relaxed. Ron (on the right below) and I went to the centre and sat happily in the sun on a terrace. As you can see below, the sun was really out. So nice after all the rain.

Terrace in the sun Ron

Below: Ron is a far better photographer than I am. He captured me well.

Terrace in the sun

Below: Sunday was Mother’s Day. Of course we took mum out for a drink on a terrace. We were overlooking a big canal with huge boats, on their way to Rotterdam. Mum is squinting against the sun.

Mum on Mother's Day

On Monday my physiotherapist gave me hope again. She said “If the worst comes to the worst, and your other shoulder tendons snap as well, you can have the top of your shoulder replaced by an artificial one and usually there is enough muscle or tendon material left to make it work, although with limitations.” That sets my mind at ease. I was afraid that in time, I might lose the functions of my right arm.

Monday afternoon we took Watson to our friend Willy for another trial visit and trial walk. He likes her a lot which is so nice and she loves having him. We now have a back-up for when we have to go away a day without the dog. Our friends Georg and Marla have always taken care of Watson in such situations, but if we have to leave really early, we don’t like to get them out of bed. And Willy is an early riser.

Rest of the week

Below: Ron sent me this photo while I was out and he had done the laundry. The caption read: “When men do housekeeping, it becomes practical.” He dried the jeans from our upstairs windows. Really…I mean…really.

Ron does the laundry

The pavement in our street was lifted again for yet another internet company to put in fiber glass. Those guys are such hard workers, lifting the heavy tiles with a shovel at such speed. I never see them taking a break. They are from eastern Europe I think. I feel sorry for them. Being in a strange country, far away from home and family, working their butt off. So I stepped outside and offered them coffee and a biscuit, twice. “The coffee is good”, one said. I replied: “You are good!”
Why not spread a little kindness when you can, right?

Below: I always ask Ron in the morning whether he’d like a coffee or not, as that varies. That morning he came in with a shovel. When he saw my surprised face, he said: “I thought if I also have a shovel, you don’t have to ask whether I want coffee”, referring to the workers outside. LOL


I visited a former colleague who just had a baby, bringing gifts of course. Didn’t stay long. I think you should never stay for more than an hour to an hour and a half when you pay a maternity visit. It is a busy time for the new mother.
Below: Neiske with her baby boy.

Neiske with baby

Kitty came round for coffee. We hadn’t seen each other for a while so we had a lot to catch up on.
Below: Kitty, tanned and cheerful.


Below: Wore this outfit the day Kitty came but had to change as the temperatures weren’t as good as I expected them to be. The colours of this iPhone photo are strange. Here is a link to the original outfit post.

Outfit linen trousers

Visited my friend Maurits one afternoon but forgot to take a photo. It was a fun and relaxed afternoon in their beautiful garden.

Had another photo shoot with Loes, preceded by a coffee date with former colleague Monique (below).

Monique and I

That was about it this week.
If you found some English spelling mistakes…my English editor is on holiday so I was left on my own.


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