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18 Stunning Prom Makeup Ideas to Have You Feeling Your Most Beautiful

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Now that prom season is here, I bet you’re already planning your outfit! But if you really want to shine, you need to consider the whole ensemble.

Take your prom makeup, for example. Dressing up for prom isn’t just about the dress; it’s also a perfect opportunity to experiment with pretty and fun makeup looks.

As you coordinate your outfit, remember to think about the makeup style that will complement your look.

To help you in your search for the perfect makeup look for prom, I have put together a list of 18 gorgeous prom makeup looks that will have you feeling like an actual princess.

1. Fox Eyes

One makeup trend that will look gorgeous for prom is the fox eyes look!

If you have never seen the fox eye trend before, it is basically when you do a dramatic winged eyeliner that dips down into the inner corner. The look is finished with fluffy lashes concentrated on the outer corners.

This will give you a dramatic and bold eye look that will look incredible in pictures!

2. Thick Liner & Nude Lips

Another bold and dramatic eye look that you might want to try for prom is this thick liner and nude lip look!

For this look, you will need to draw on a dramatic, thick winged eyeliner while adding a nude shade to your lips.

If you’re curious about how to get this look, I recommend watching this video tutorial, which will show you all of the details!

3. Colorful Cut Crease

Another bold look that you might be interested in is this cut crease look! This look would be perfect if you want to try a dramatic and colorful eye look for prom.

In order to create this look, you will need to add a colorful shade to your lids, such as this gorgeous pink shade. Then, use a darker shade of pink to add a cut crease effect to your eye.

And, to finish the look, pair this makeup with a pinky nude lip shade.

4. “French Girl” Makeup

Another makeup trend that you might be interested in trying out for prom is this “French Girl” makeup look shown in this video!

In this video, Kendall Jenner does a “French Girl” makeup look with a subtle brown eyeshadow and a lightly bronzed face with a red lip.

If you like a more minimal but chic makeup vibe, this is the perfect look for prom! It will be so classic in all of your pictures.

5. Cat Eye

Of course, everyone has seen the cat eye look, but have you ever thought about doing a ’60s-inspired cat eye look?

In this video, Ariana Grande shows you how she gets this stunning ’60s-inspired cat eye makeup that would be perfect for prom.

This is a great makeup look for those of us who love the cat eye look but want to add something a bit different to the look.

6. Soft Glam Makeup

If you want a more glam but subtle makeup look, I definitely recommend checking out this one!

This look will give you a soft glam makeup look that you will be obsessed with for prom. For this look, you will be adding a subtle smokey eye, winged eyeliner, and a pinky nude lip to give you a soft glam!

So, if you are interested in getting this subtle glam look for prom, check out this video to learn how to do it.

7. Colored Highlighter

If you want to go for a more colorful look but want to focus on something other than your eyes for your makeup look, then I recommend doing this colorful highlighter makeup look!

For this look, your highlighter will be the main focus because you will be using a colorful shade, such as this pink/purple-toned highlighter, to give your cheekbones a colorful shimmer.

This will give you a more fun and colorful makeup look for prom, making sure you really stand out!

8. Sparkly Eyes

If you want to have a fun eye look for prom but want something other than bold eyeshadow, I recommend going for this kind of look!

This subtle glam prom makeup look includes sparkly eyes and a glossy lip. To achieve this look make sure to use plenty of glitter on your lids to get the sparkly effect.

9. Smokey Eyeshadow

I am sure you have seen a smokey eyeshadow look like this one. If you love this vibe, great news: It’s perfect for prom!

A smokey eyeshadow look with a nude lip may be the perfect look to go with your prom dress, especially if you want to channel baddie vibes.

If you are interested in a cool-toned smokey eyeshadow look like this one, use some grey, dark blue, or even black eyeshadow to achieve a similar look.

10. Dewy Makeup Look

If you like a more natural, glowy beauty vibe, you may want to try out this dewy makeup look for prom!

For this look, you will be adding a soft and subtle glow to your cheeks with a subtle blush and nude lips.

This will be the perfect makeup look if you want a more subtle look for prom that will still make your features stand out in pictures.

11. Latte Makeup Look

If you love to feel bronzey and sunkissed, you’ll love this beautiful “latte” makeup look.

The latte makeup shown in this video uses a soft brown eyeshadow and light brown/nude lip color to make you look like you just spent a week at the beach.

If you’re going to spray tan for prom, this is particularly perfect as it will complement any tan!

12. Pearl Effect

Want to feel like a princess on prom day?

You might also be interested in adding some rhinestones or pearls to your eyes to give you a more fun makeup look for prom.

For example, this pearl makeup look centers around a silver chrome eye accented with pearls all over. It’s finished with a sheer, slightly shimmery, glossy lip.

13. Cloud Skin Makeup Look

Cloud skin makeup is another option that will look stunning for prom!

Cloud skin makeup, as seen in this video tutorial, features subtle matte makeup on the eyes, lips, and cheeks to give you a gorgeous and natural look.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to get a cloud skin makeup look for prom! You can totally do this one at home.

14. Colorful Eye Shimmer

If you are a fan of Euphoria, you might also be interested in trying out one of the iconic makeup looks from the TV show!

For example, Maddy’s bold shimmer eye look would be so stunning for prom.

For this look, you will be using a few shades of purple eyeshadow as a base (you could also do this with blue or pink), finishing with a wash of glittery shimmer shadow up toward your temples.

Finish the look with matte skin and super glossy lips.

15. Full Glam Makeup Look

You might also want to go full glam for prom!

If so, then I recommend checking out this video tutorial which will show you exactly how to get the perfect full glam makeup look for prom.

This look will include eyeliner, false lashes, cut crease eyeshadow, and more, to channel your inner Barbie doll.

16. Smokey Wing

Another fun eye look that you should also consider for prom is the smokey wing eye look!

A smokey wing is basically when you blend your eyeliner wing to give it more of a soft and smokey effect.

So, if you are looking to try a makeup look that is a bit different from the classic winged eyeliner look for prom, then I definitely recommend this idea.

17. Clean Girl Makeup Look

You may also want to try the “clean girl” makeup look for prom!

This trend has been very popular for the last few years and we have a full guide to it here.

So, if you are interested in trying out a more simple and natural makeup vibe for prom, this clean girl look is perfect. It includes a mini winged eyeliner, nude lip, and soft face makeup.

18. Subtle Color

Finally, if you want to add some color to your lids for prom, but want something more subtle, I recommend going for a look like this one!

This subtle blue eyeshadow look uses a soft pastel blue shadow to give you an ethereal vibe for your prom pictures. It would look particularly amazing with a light blue or pastel dress!

What makeup look from this list will you be wearing to prom?

What is your favorite makeup look from this list? Which prom makeup look do you think will look the best with your dress?

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