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What I Packed in My Personal Item for a 2-Week Trip

Erin recently set off on an action-packed adventure across Vietnam and China in only a carry-on suitcase. She dives into everything she packed in her actual roller bag in this post. But we wanted to touch on an equally as important piece of the packing puzzle…the personal item! Strategic packing is not just about choosing what to bring and fitting it in your carry-on, but about maximizing every available inch of space in your personal item as well. Whether you’re jet-setting across continents or planning a weekend getaway, how and what you pack in your personal item can make all the difference. Let’s dive into some of Erin’s savvy packing tips and how she packed her personal item bag with all of the important essentials.

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How To Pack a Personal Item

First, you’ll need to pick a personal item that works well with your carry-on suitcase, offers plenty of space, and is functional. And if you can find one that’s stylish and matches your carry-on…that’s a big win! Erin purchased this Béis convertible weekender bag for her trip and loved that she was able to pack so much into it and that it perfectly matched her roller bag.

This cool tote bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, exterior pockets (a must!), and a padded compartment for your laptop. It also has a separate, removable bottom compartment for shoes, toiletries, or dirty laundry. The slide-through sleeve fits over the back of your suitcase handle so you don’t have to worry about it toppling off. It’s spacious and lightweight but Erin did share that you should avoid overstuffing it as she ended up having issues with the zipper when she added too many items.

What’s In The Bag?

While having the right personal item is important, what goes into that bag to keep it all organized is equally as important. Having these organizational pieces will make everything seamlessly fit into your bag and easier to find while in-flight and traveling between each location. First up we’ll tackle the makeup and toiletry bag…

Makeup & Toiletries Bag

This bag opens up all the way, making it super easy to see and find all of your makeup and toiletries. We’re sharing most of the items Erin included in this bag below but as a reminder, purchasing travel-sized toiletries and makeup products for a trip saves SO much space!

Makeup Brush Case

This sleek silicone makeup brush case takes up very little space and can also be used for beauty products, small electronics, etc. We linked what Erin had in this case below.

Clear Cosmetic Case

This clear, TSA-approved case makes it easy to see all of your liquids and it has a convenient mirror inside. We’ve included everything Erin packed in this case below.

Travel Essentials Pouch

This medium-sized pouch was where Erin put anything she knew she would need during the flight…think headphones, eye mask, medications, etc. We linked more of those items below.

Camera & Tech Bag

We don’t have photos of it, but Erin put her small tech bag in the bottom compartment of her personal item along with a pair of shoes, brush, and a few smaller items she could slip in. Again, taking advantage of every inch of your personal item is a must! This bag is where Erin stored her camera, camera batteries, and any additional tech she didn’t need during the flight.

Amazon Travel Essentials

Interior Pocket Items

The Béis bag has so many convenient interior pockets. Erin used those pockets to store things she knew she wanted easy access to like her iPad, hand sanitizer wipes, hand sanitizer spray, a water bottle, and passport/wallet.

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