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Want Something to Spark a Range of Ideas? Start with a Scarf – Honey Dijon Scarf by Echo

May 24, 2024

If you’re offended by profanity, approach this post with caution – there is indeed a word printed on this scarf which might disturb…

We’ve heard from a handful of heroines who are looking to wear black with pink, and who want to either be more dressy, or more youthful. Maybe this addresses all sorts of desires!

Here’s the newest Echo 100 scarf:

Yes, you can just fold the bottom left corner in, and nobody will know. Or you can let it fly free and see what happens…

This inspires the easiest of color palettes; while I didn’t include white in any of the outfits, it’s sort of an obvious addition to this scheme:

I’m suggesting outfits that cover a handful of weather conditions and degree of formality; if you don’t mind wearing the same outfits frequently, this might be a great travel wardrobe for a range of destinations.

Conversely, this might be the kind of plan that you want for wearing your new scarf just once a month…

An open-knit sweater and light pants look youthful and snappy with high-tops and a backpack. This is NOT limited to young people – to heck with that!

Here’s an outfit that could be worn to a nice lunch, or any other pretty, warm weather activity…

Talk about a change of mood – a sweatshirt, classic black shirt, jeans and boots always look good with a scarf!

And our heroine’s last outfit is dressy but not prissy nor revealing. One may dress nicely without revealing all sorts of body parts, right?

Here’s our heroine’s 10-piece capsule wardrobe – for travel I’d be looking for a white shirt or tee, some simple black sneakers, and… what would you add? Maybe a black and white striped something? Or a black, white and PINK print?


Even with just these 10 garments, there are some re-mix possibilities:

Setting aside the wording on the scarf (which I could live with – I’d just hide it most of the time!), does pink and black appeal?

I’m surprised how frequently I’ve been asked about it lately…



p.s. Ten years ago, we considered how one might go about choosing a scarf when the desire was to wear it with orange!

Want Something to Spark a Range of Ideas Start with a Scarf - Honey Dijon Scarf by Echo

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