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Two PhotoVogue artists meet the CondéFuture students

1. What’s the most memorable moment you’ve experienced with the students?

After the lecture one of the students pulled me aside and asked me a bunch of questions on how much to charge people and how to make money off of her work, because she had just started a photography business.  It was really precious and reminded me of myself when I was younger.

2. When you were at the same age of the young students you met, what were your dreams? Did they come true? And what fears did you have back then that you later realised weren’t justified?

When I was the same age as the students, I definitely dreamed of doing a lot of the things I do now.  I dreamed of getting to travel the world for my art, to create everyday, and to make a living off my work — all of which I am really grateful to have fulfilled.  As far as fears go — I was a pretty fearless kid.  I was, however, a pretty lonely kid as I didn’t have many friends growing up, so I definitely was afraid of not ever finding my “people”, and thank God I did.

3. How would being a CondéFuture student in high school have impacted you as an up and coming creative in NYC?

I wish I had CondéFuture when I was in high school!  It would have given me many of the resources and tools at a much faster pace, and placed me with other like-minded kids growing up.

4. If you could run another session with CondéFuture, what would you teach and why?

I would love to teach a class specifically on the business side of things.  A lot of people think that you can’t make good money as an artist which is completely false.  I had to learn everything from square one and I would love to teach younger kids how to have financial stability whilst following their passions, because you can definitely have both at once.

“I chose this photo because it’s the most recent extension of my work documenting Black youth using suburban sports as a means to defying gravity and expectations.”

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