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This Sydney Sweeney No-Pants Ensemble Levels Up the Game Thanks to One Surprising Accessory

It seems the no-pants trend has longer legs than I anticipated (pun very much intended). Sydney Sweeney’s no-pants look on May 8 leveled up the bottom-less trend with the addition of white knee socks.

The Anyone But You actor was photographed in New York City in a boardroom-meets-the-club look. On top, Sweeney wore an oversized, metallic silver blazer over a neutral, collarless silk blouse. In lieu of pants, she wore a pair of sparkly gold briefs and sheer white trouser socks pulled up to the knee. To match the white Jimmy Choo stilettos, she carried a white leather bag under her arm.


Sweeney accessorized her ensemble with small gold hoop earrings, narrow sunglasses, and a messy updo. According to her stylist, Molly Dickson, on Instagram, Sweeney’s look is by Brunello Cucinelli.

This is hardly Sydney Sweeney’s first no-pants rodeo. At Paris fashion week in March, Sweeney wore a similar ensemble combining sparkly hot-pants with an oversized blazer. That time, instead of a button-down, Sweeney wore a black crop-top over her bedazzled bottoms. And that’s not to mention the entirely pants-free photoshoot she did for her recent Jimmy Choo campaign.

I suppose if there’s any time to really embrace the no-pants thing, it’s at the beginning of summer.

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