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Summer Sundays in Texas | Over 50 Feeling 40

Summer Sundays in Texas

Happy Sunday, friends!  My grandson and Tux want to wish all in the USA a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Welcome to Summer Sundays in Texas.

I know what the calendar says, but in Texas, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial/official start to summer.

I am tweaking the name of this weekly lifestyle post more for me than anyone else…it will still be very similar to what it has already been….just with a summer focus.

I realized recently that my attitude towards summer has become very negative as the weather has become more oppressive the past few years.

After our discussion on Friday about contentment and the dangers of discouragement, I decided I needed an attitude check when it comes to summer.

So, Summer Sundays in Texas will be a positive focus of summer in my world…hopefully, for me, a return to what I previously loved about this time of year.

Please join me today for the first post of Summer Sundays in Texas.


summer Sundays in Texas

Let’s take a closer look at what I am talking about….thank you for the help of another grandson!

Preparation for the expected warmer weather is key to not allowing it to defeat me. In fact,  the heat index just this weekend has been at 112!!  That is really early for us.

In our regular fashion posts, I have told you selections I have purchased in anticipation of the heat…I was more prepared last year for Alaska than I was for Texas.

Summer Sundays in Texas

Last year, we finally gave in and let the sun fry our backyard…it remained fried until recently.  

I do not use the word “fry” lightly.

Now, Mr. B & I are on our way to a lovely place to sit in the mornings or evenings and enjoy.  I am prepared this year to keep it this way.

We were sure the birds were talking bad about us to the neighbors, because we just gave up on feeding them….but word is out…we are back in the game.

I am enjoying every visitation to my hummingbird feeders as well.


Summer Sundays in Texas

Summer always leads us on more road trips and recently, we made sure to enjoy the German cuisine we love so much.

You may or may not know that Texas was settled by many from Germany and several communities still celebrate this heritage.

Summer Sundays in Texas

I love to get my favorite Reuben sandwiches with German potato salad.

And Mr. B makes sure to enjoy dark German beer.

We often stop at The Auslander in Fredericksberg, Texas…they have an area inside where Tux can dine with us and they brought him a cool bowl of water!

Summer has always made me smile with fond memories of country music, swimming, ice cream, festivals, boating on lakes, fireworks, barbecue….

And I refuse to allow the heat to melt memories away…so road trips are a part of those memories…and, especially fun when driving to see family.


Summer Sundays in Texas

Good friends recently shared with me something they did for family fun in San Antonio…so I am looking into the Food Chick Tours.

San Antonio has become known as a culinary dream city and this group organizes food tours.

Summer Sundays in Texas

My friend, Karen, and her family did a Star-Wars themed food tour on May 4th…and they loved it.

They even dressed in Star Wars clothing!  

Of course, Mr. B wants to do the Texas Mexican Food Tour…I am trying for something we do not eat all of the time.  Will report back!


Summer Sundays in Texas

I hope to do more like the food tours to keep it fun and exciting.

We are not traveling until later in the year and at the beginning of the next; however, I love to be at home in Texas and plan to make new memories here.

So come join me…if I ever lapse into summer discontentment, feel free to call me out.  

My new attitude though is to enjoy each new summer day!

Summer Sundays in Texas

Please leave any thoughts you may have.  I plan to see you tomorrow…and, as always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Summer Sundays in Texas

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