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Summer skincare when heat index hits 117!

summer skincare

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today, I am discussing summer skincare when the heat index hits 117!

You read that right…San Antonio already broke records this week with a heat index of 117.

I am getting a little afraid of what August and September will bring.

But, when I told you I am better prepared this year, I wasn’t kidding.

So, today I want to share with you my summer skincare thoughts, plus my friend Brian has put together a summer savings package for you!


summer skincare

Our Texas nemesis, the sun, can be brutal and do a number on our faces….even under a hat.

I noticed last summer, which was our hottest at that point, that I was wearing less makeup.

I must give credit to by Brian products for feeling confident and youthful more and more each day without the amount of makeup I have worn in the past.

I can remember a time not too long ago that I told someone the natural look was not for me…but I feel good and more confident each day.

His skincare products have given me healthy, youthful skin for summer.

summer skincare

These are my favorite products during our summer excessive heat….117 even made the national news!

For many of us, as we age, dryness becomes an issue and especially during summer.

I love the BOTANICAL CLEANSING OIL.  After you cleanse, your face feels as though you put on a lovely product.

I follow it with the SKIN FIRMING SERUM around my eyes and on my face…then pat it in or roll it in.

There are readers who always ask…if you could only get one product what would it be… would be this serum!

But it does work best with Brian’s line of skincare.

These two products smooth out my wrinkles and add a healthy summer glow.  I still feel like I look younger than my age.

Many days, after I add my sunscreen, I am good to go as is.

Summer skincare


Brian has some excellent information about sunscreen on his website. SUNSCREEN SKINCARE SOLUTION, and I encourage you to take a moment to read it.

I really like his sunscreen products.  Mine absorbs nicely and does give that radiant glow I like on my face…especially when I am not putting on makeup.

And when I don’t use it all on my face, I rub it on to my hands as well…which really need some summer skincare!

If you happen to get a sunburn, you might consider the RE-CREATION INSTANT SOOTHING MIST…it soothes irritation, hydrates and calms.

I apologize that my bottles are “scruffy,” but you can see I am touching them and using them daily.

summer skincare

My summer skincare must include the FIRMING NECK AND CHEST CREME.

This effective cream keeps my neck so smooth that sweat does not sink in and enhance the over 70 wrinkles as it previously did.

I have to face the fact that in heat indexes above 100, there is going to be a sweat issue to deal with…depending how long I am outside.

Sweat will make us look older, but my preparation since using by Brian for over a year has properly prepared my face to handle the sweat better.

I have honestly been amazed at how good it can look in the heat.

Of course, my wrinkles are still there, just smoother and looking healthier than before.  I love the radiance factor for a healthy glow.

summer skincare

My summer skincare for when I do want to wear makeup is the SUPER RADIANCE SKIN TINT.

It is exactly that…a light skin tint with glow, and sun protection of SPF 20.  I do put it over the sunscreen in the summer.

I am done with powder makeup products…except on my eyelids.

By Brian skin tint ended the powder for me and I love the look so much better.

In our heat, powder would set in with sweat and wrinkles and do me no good.

One more product that I love for summer skincare is the RE-CREATION LIP TREATMENT.

When I am faithful to use it, and avoid drinking with straws, then the lines around my lips are smooth.

It just seems that drinking with straws is more of a summer-thing where I live.  Not for me…


summer skincare

Make sure you use this code at checkout: summer-is-near for 30% off the products.

For us in South Texas, summer is hear and with heat indexes already at 117, I will need to stay on top of my summer skincare.

These products are worth every penny for proper summer skincare, and for overall skincare all year long.  

And the SUMMER SKINCARE & COLOR SAVINGS EVENT can help us all to have a healthy glow this summer.  Don’t forget the code.

My By Brian daily routine prepared me for this moment of a heat index at 117…I truly hope it stops there.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  I will be sitting under a ceiling fan somewhere and praying for a cool front in the 90s!



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for review and my words are my own!

summer skincare

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