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Sandy Liang Resort 2025 Collection

Sandy Liang was in the final few months of her first pregnancy while designing her resort collection. Maybe that’s why she looked to her own childhood for inspiration. “I thought it would be really fun to do an office edit of a little girl’s version of what a woman’s closet looks like,” the designer said. “So we did a lot of fun shirting and tailoring with a childish charm to it.”

Liang’s approach to office wear included lots of two-in-one pieces like open knit cardigans with built-in contrasting tanks and button-up shirts with attached ties (all you have to do is fasten a button in the back), making it easy for customers to get full campaign looks despite their very real, very busy lives.

Drawing inspiration from her honeymoon in Japan, Liang looked to the impeccably styled flight attendants of Japan Airlines. Inspired by their meticulous aesthetic, Liang envisioned how she would dress them if she had her way. Instead of the classic black, white, and red midi dresses that they currently wear, Liang whipped up pink pleated mini apron skirts, Sailor Moon bows, and heart-adorned belts for a youthful and playful touch.

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