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Quince affordable linen for summer

Quince affordable linen

Happy Tuesday, all!  Today I feature for you Quince affordable linen for summer.

I know there are many here who are fans of Quince’s affordable linen for summer outfits.

So, today I would like to write a Quince affordable linen camp shirt review which they supplied to me for that purpose.

You can see that I am wearing it out and about for summer errands and more.

So, join me today as we discuss affordable linen with specifically a camp shirt review.


Quince affordable linen


We have already discussed the excessive heat in Texas which set in early this year…and combined with humidity it is oppressive.

You can even see the haze in these pictures that the humidity creates.

However, wearing Quince affordable linen is a great way to go for my casual outfits during the summer.

This 100% European Linen Camp Shirt is my new favorite for these reasons.

  1. I love the longer length.  It is more comfortable for running errands like going to the nursery for plants or the grocery.  I am not constantly tugging as I do with shorter shirts when lifting items.
  2. Quince always seems to have colors for my autumn palette and I have liked the Martini Olive since I first discovered it.  The Deep Navy is also a great color.
  3. Quince affordable linen is exactly that…affordable for the quality of sustainable fabrics they offer.  This camp shirt is only $39.90.
  4. The affordable linen washes well.  I do wash on permanent press and hang dry.  Color has not faded


Quince affordable linen

Another reason I like Quince affordable linen clothing is that the pieces all match and create easy casual summer outfits together.

With the Quince Camp shirt, I am wearing the 100% European Linen Pants…also in the Martini Olive and also $39.90.

These pants are available in 12 colors.  I like these pants and am finding myself reaching for them more often now that summer is in full swing.

The wrinkling in the Quince affordable linen is so low and actually gives a nice linen look to it.

As far as the inseam measurements go, for some reason I do not see this on the phone, but if you look on a larger screen for this screen shot and then click SIZE & FIT, you get the Inseam.

Quince affordable linen


Quince affordable linen

After my work is done, I can sit down with Tux…stand back up…and still look put together.

The Quince affordable linen is so comfortable…not itchy…and looks nice no matter what I do to it.

I am a fan.

Now, here are a few more Quince affordable finds that you may want to know about…(note, some lovely colors in all palettes):

Quince affordable linen

Quince affordable linen always arrives neatly folded in a bag that is 100% compostable.

They have thought through their mission of sustainable fashion.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I will be here wearing my Quince affordable linen and getting things done despite the summer heat.

See you tomorrow and until then…


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post and the words are my own.

Quince affordable linen

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