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Myths About Aging: #1 | Over 50 Feeling 40

myths about aging

Happy Friday, everyone!  Welcome to my first post on Myths about Aging: #1.

Recently, while waiting for a service, I found myself in a conversation with a woman in her seventies which has resulted in my desire to combat myths about aging.

I do not believe she will read these posts…but, I actually hope that she does. I did give her my website address.

She believes that once you hit 70…everything in your life is done….that’s right…done, finished, over.

Though we are not dead yet, she says there is no way to enjoy your passions, because no one will take you seriously.

When she discovered that I write a blog and participate in social media, she looked miffed and said….WHY?

I explained that I love writing…love to create…love fashion…and love to help other women.

Basically, she thought I was living in a dream world that anything I do would be considered valuable.

She said blogging and social media is for young people and I need to realize that I would be looked at as a clown.

She also said this about a love of fashion…it is for young women and people who live in big cities. 

She flat out said that I am wasting my time to enjoy what I do.  I needed to be realistic and see it in my past….kiss it good-bye.

In my head, I was thinkiing…this is one of the myths about aging and I don’t buy it.

myths about aging

A less confident woman may have gone home crying and depressed.

I did not need her to like me or to validate me.  I left the conversation feeling sad for her.

There were two main myths about aging in this conversation that I plan to address.



myths about aging

Yes, I have been passionate about fashion since I was a young girl.

I believe our passions help to keep us youthful.

Iris Apfel seemed to be passionate about fashion until she left this earth…Anna Wintour at age 74 is still passionate….Betty Halbreich still works in her 90s at Bergdorf Goodman.

I can think of many others…and believe our passions are part of our joy and mental wellness….no matter what those passions are.

I choose to inspire others to look and feel our best every day….not like a red carpet runway…but in a way where we can face each day with confidence and joy.

Retiring from our passions when we retire from the work world is the the top myth among my myths about aging.

The conversation had the adverse affect on me….She actually inspired me to go out and have a little fashion fun.

When I want to really play stylist…I head to the resale or consignment shop for a treasure hunt.


myths about aging

This is one of my very favorite things to do and I plan to do it as long as I can get out and about.

The treasure hunt is part of the fun.

Recently, I came home with this Lafayette 148 NY top.  It can be worn as a topper or as a tunic…I like the first way.

Shopping consignment/thrift gives me a way to enjoy quality, designer clothing at a low price…and most consignment stores also have sales.  I love a really good deal.

The shell necklace I have on here is also from a consignment shop years ago.

myths about aging

I realize this top takes some vision…but I fell for it.

This is vintage Johnny Was.

myths about aging

Since it is in my color palette, I got excited thinking of what I might do with it. 

There was something about this top that I loved…and in a consignment shop…I can justify the expense.

I enjoy this type of styling challenge…so much fun to go home and play.

myths about aging

I know women over 70 that when they desire to pursue their passions, they might pick up a paintbrush, sit at a piano, dig in a garden…but not sit still and be sad it is over.

If anyone is laughing at me…let them laugh…I will laugh along at the fun I enjoy still today.

What about you?  What are your passions…are you pursuing them or did you already hang them up?

If you have, I encourage you to take them back down and pursue what you love…we are not done!

Have you confronted anyone who believes like the woman does…if so…remember this is the first of the myths about aging.

It is a total myth…absolutely not true.

See you tomorrow as I pursue my passion and report on another 2024 Fashion Trend…until then….


By Pamela Lutrell

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myths about aging

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