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Monday Musings: The Joys of Travel and No Big Surprise

Happy Monday! It feels like I’ve been away for a month. Our two-week polar cruise has been remarkable. I adore travel of all types, but cruising may be my favorite. You pack once and get to explore multiple cities and/or countries without the hassle of flying, repacking, and schlepping all your stuff around.


I picked up this book from the ship’s library and found it fascinating. I don’t eat mammals, so it was slightly outside my comfort zone to read what they ate…but what she did is remarkable! It’s about a woman named Christiane Ritter, who leaves her comfortable life in Austria to spend a year with her husband on the remote Arctic island of Spitsbergen in 1934.

We flew home on Saturday…diligently wearing our facemasks. Mask-wearing is not a political statement for me. It’s a personal choice to do all I can to protect my health. It turns out that all we did was protect others from catching the COVID that knocked us flat on Sunday. #bestintentions

We both caught COVID the last time we cruised, so I hope it doesn’t go with the cruising territory from now on. I’m very grateful it waited until we got home and didn’t ruin the trip, but I imagine lots of folks must have gotten it. Close quarters and breathing the same air for 2 weeks in this day and age means something will be spread, no matter how careful you are.

The guests were a very international crowd from as far away as Australia, South Africa, England, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Japan, France, New Zealand, China, and the US. I found it interesting that the women all dressed pretty similarly. There were no outfits that stood out, and there wasn’t an accessory in the crowd. There were no “dressy” nights, so people dressed for comfort in the same casual clothes I’d expect to see at home.


I wore this same coat and waterproof pants anytime we got off the ship to hike or go on a zodiac cruise. Under it, I alternated the same 3 pairs of pants and a few sweaters ad nauseam. I will have an update later on what I packed, but it wasn’t all that interesting. This is what I looked like most days…


I adore Helsinki. When we passed through on our way to the cruise, it was cold enough to require a parka, warm hat, gloves, and scarf. Two weeks later, spring had arrived, and most folks were wearing sundresses or shorts. The tulips were out, all the trees were in bloom, and the sidewalk cafes were full of people enjoying the sun. We only had a few days to explore the city, but it was enough to discover amazing restaurants, world-class shopping, and friendly people.

Memorial Day Updates

Here are a few extra sales and what I’m shopping on this long weekend.


  • Jenni Kane is having a rare sale with 20% off sitewide! I wore this cashmere Fisherman sweater more days than I didn’t during the last two weeks, and it finally started to show some pills on this second to last day. I’ve wanted the Navy forever and just ordered it.


  • Frank and Eileen has added new items to their sale section, which is up to 70% off! Be aware their sale merchandise is a final sale. I adore my Triple Fleece Belfast Peacoat and have worn it a ton! I bought this Triple Fleece Henley dress in grey the last time it was on sale, and I love it! I hate to say it, but now is a great time to buy fall/winter things that you know you love. I wear a small in both.



Have a terrific day, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.

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