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May 2024 “Six Paintings, Twelve Months” – Part 2

May 3, 2024

I’m really quite happy with the way these three wardrobes turned out this month – as always, I’m eager to hear what you think of our progress!

First, this oh so elegant painting:

Her wardrobe at the end of April was practical and versatile, if a bit short on the color rust! I get infinite pleasure from that stack of four long-sleeved tee shirts…

It seemed obvious to look for rust – at least rust tops. A second pair of shorts (which could of course be a skirt, a pair of cropped pants, or long pants) and lightweight linen pants finish up her garment purchases. While we were in the “rust mode,” Our heroine grabbed coordinating accessories too!

If you’re not familiar with COS, I recommend them highly. I’ve been wearing a tweed dress from them consistently for five years…

Her new wardrobe looks a bit brighter, with the light bottoms and accent shirts:

And her accessories are delightful – not every heroine has three bags in the first 5 months, but each to his own taste, right?

New outfits abound with these four new pieces of clothing:

Next up is a painting that I love – although in fairness, I love all Rothko! This palette would have suited a younger me quite well… But those were the ’80s, and I wore navy suits… sigh…

Her wardrobe from the first four months of planning is versatile and lovely, albeit very very pink…

So our heroine decides to really fill in her light neutral garments for warm weather, and grabs an expensive but irresistible tunic. This is the kind of thing that you plan to own for a long, LONG time… Paired with a lovely small scarf and beautiful (expensive, but classic) earrings, she could wear this when she is 94…

Heck, maybe she’s already 94!

Now her wardrobe is still bright, but a wee bit less PINK. I can clearly see this heroine buying four black garments when the autumn/winter clothes start coming into stock!

Her accessories delight me – yes, she has two pairs of orange shoes. Yes, if she had found orange espadrilles, she might have bought them too! Sometimes, you really love a color…

Her new clothes put this heroine n a good position for the transition to warm weather, and well into the summer months:

This month’s last wardrobe is one that I feel like I would emulate if I were forced to start from scratch! Maybe it’s all of the stress, maybe it’s the maturity to know that I don’t have to wear black even though I live downtown, maybe it’s the idea of matching my eyes…

A lot of appeal, to put me in mind of such a big change!

Her four month wardrobe is softly, warmly appealing…

Yes, her shades of green are a bit askew – that happens. Sometimes things aren’t all going to match… These aren’t Garanimals!

Our heroine already owns a couple of pieces of “soft blue haze” clothing from Lands’ End… and they are so perfect in her wardrobe that she decided to add some more! She picked up a nice green tee shirt too…

I also highly recommend that “wee family of metallic accessories” that she grabbed this month. There is nothing in her wardrobe that won’t look great with gold…

So here’s her clothing now – the large amount of light blue and beige feel like she’s ready for summer:

Her accessories give you a feeling for what she’s like – at least to me. Do you sense that?

And of course, she’s trying on outfits and making certain that her new purchases will be well used and appreciated…

I really like this textured sweatshirt – it’s something I’ve not seen before…

If you had to wear one of these for the 30 days, which would you choose? I’m still thinking maybe this last wardrobe – subject to change!



p.s. Five years ago, I was looking at Six Scarves over twelve months. These are so interesting to revisit!

May 2024 “Six Paintings, Twelve Months” – Part 2

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