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Jennifer Lopez’s Translucent French Manicure Is an Unexpected Summer Twist on a Classic

Jennifer Lopez has signed off on a new summer nail trend: the “translucent French manicure.”

Every year the same story repeats itself: good weather arrives and our nails are suddenly craving pastel shades and neutral colors. After a winter in which we once again declared our unconditional love of red, we are already looking forward to give a breath of fresh air to our hands and feet through new designs. And if we’re talking about new nail trends, there’s no one better to look towards than the duo formed by Jennifer Lopez and her manicurist, Tom Bachick.

We love J.Lo for many reasons—from her talent to her beauty—but also for having established herself as one of our biggest sources inspiration in nail design. In fact, she has cosigned many of the most exciting manicure trends of the past few months. However, no matter how many trends she tries on, there’s always one safe place in the manicure arena for the singer: the French manicure.

We can’t deny that Jennifer Lopez loves a French manicure. In fact, she has demonstrated it on numerous occasions through different designs. No wonder, this manicure is classic, elegant and suits everyone—no matter what your nails are like. In addition, it has multiple interpretations: we can wear it in its purest version, betting on pink and white tips, or we can go for the most summery version using pastel colors. There’s also shades such as gold or silver for a festive take on the manicure…

It seems that the possibilities are endless when it comes to the French manicure. What’s more, for the premiere of Atlas, the movie that Jennifer Lopez will release on Netflix in May, her manicurist has created a new version that you probably had not seen until now and that he himself has dubbed translucent french.

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