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Fran Lebowitz on being old — That’s Not My Age


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Fran Lebowitz is 73-years-old. In an interview in this week’s Grazia magazine the New York-based author and social observer discusses the upcoming election, city-living, style and age. (‘ Everyone calls it ageing. I just call it being old’). Lebowitz has something to say about everything – and when it comes to getting older, she doesn’t understand why anyone would want to lie about their age:

‘ You can say you’re however old you want to say, but your body knows how old you are. There’s nothing you can do about it. I mean, there are things people do about their looks. In my opinion, they don’t generally work. You don’t look younger; you just look surgical.’




As well as the gift of the gab, Lebowitz has a great line in uniform dressing. The signature rolled-up jeans (Levi’s 501s) worn with cowboy boots and a Savile Row blazer. Her shirts are from Hilditch & Key and the jackets are from Anderson & Sheppard. We love her London-centric style.


Gentlewoman Style: Fran Lebowitz in Grazia magazine


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