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Discover Mother’s Day Inspiration with Style at a Certain Age

Happy Friday, ladies! It’s May, the merry month of May. The flowers are blooming, and our lives are getting busy! Graduations are on the horizon, Mother’s Day is approaching, and this girl is headed for the beach! We have lots of great content on hand, from what to Pack for a Beach Getaway to What to Wear in Mexico (Kelly is headed there for a week!). So stay tuned!

We’re working behind the scenes with a blog redesign! And I can’t wait until the project is complete. If you haven’t been able to comment or had problems with emails those issues are being addressed as well as offering a subscription to the blog if you don’t want to hassle with ads. Don’t worry! You will still be able to access all things Style at a Certain Age free of charge. That’s always been our goal – to share content freely – and the ads help offset the costs of the blog. Lots of new and improved features are being added! It’s very exciting!

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