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Beare Park Australia Resort 2025 Collection

The opening look of Beare Park’s resort collection was a minimal long dress with darts on the princess seams, made from a shiny khaki silk dupioni. As the model reached the end of the runway and turned to the side, two slits on either side of the dress, running all the way up to the hipbone, were revealed. It was sexy, unexpected, and fresh. Later in the collection, the same dress, this time in black satin, was shown over a matching maxi skirt. Now it was low-key cool, instantly desirable.

Beare Park co-founder Gabriella Pereira is one of those designers whose vision is grounded in real-life. “As a female designer, I’m always looking for things that I can’t find,” she said after the show, which took place inside the Art Gallery NSW. “There’s no story; it’s good clothes that I really believe in.” Here and there, the styling in some of the looks veered a little too trendy; she was at her best when she trusted her instincts for simplicity. A crimson red cashmere crewneck sweater layered underneath a matching spaghetti strap tank top, worn with a sheer burgundy skirt; an almost-off-the-shoulder tailored jacket/dress; and the draped black velvet dress with a semi-structured bodice and elegant exposed back were all straightforward ideas done right and without need for additional embellishments to work.

Considering Pereira isn’t indulging in lofty inspirations, what’s the thing that keeps her moving forward? “I think it’s almost a [sense of] maturity,” she explained. “This collection is quite considered, with the colors and the layering in particular.” An off-white sheer chiffon gown with godet insets was worn casually over a pair of straight leg jeans, part of the designer’s new denim offering. She added, “There is drama, but it’s still very wearable.”

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