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A Dressy Week of Travel? Start with a Scarf – The Camilla Stærk Silk Scarf By Echo

May 8, 2024

A week of operas – well, four operas in seven days! 

Not for the faint of heart, for certain…

And she also needs to cover her head every day – she wants to find a classic, simple scarf that she can wear with everything…

This might be perfect!

Her plan is to take a two piece black “dress,” and another simple black dress, and accent them with her favorite bright colors. There will be so many people attending these operas – nobody’s going to notice what she wears! But of course she wants to be appropriate and comfortable – as well as being nicely attired when she heads out for a super-late dinner…

The one outfit that she’s already sorted out includes the coolest little clutch bag…

For non-opera days, she will sightsee – so jeans and walking shoes make sense. But she’s sticking with her signature motif of black with a bright 2nd layer:

Another – slightly dressier – sightseeing outfit will make it possible for her to stop at a reasonably nice restaurant for dinner:

After giving it some serious thought, she decides to stick with just one pair of dress shoes, and one evening bag. She’s going to be sitting down most of the time, so she doesn’t need to worry about sore feet… And her bag will work with most of her accent colors – if it clashes, she thinks she will survive!

She hangs everything together on her laundry drying rack – it’s never looked so good!

Just for fun, she scrolls through a few additional outfits in her mind. She knows that every weight and silhouette may not be ideal – a bolero cardigan with a button-front shirt might be awkward – but she’s comfortable with the choices she has available:

I have to admit – if I were making this trip, I may just have decided to buy a stack of the Boden cardigan in 4 different colors… 



p.s. Ten years ago – when we were still dressing up for work – I spotted a number of lovely dresses worn with simple black cardigans

A Dressy Week of Travel Start with a Scarf - The Camilla Stærk Silk Scarf By Echo

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