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8 Cute Bookends For Your Work Space

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Do you “style” your bookcases with objets d’art, bookends, and so forth, or do you just use bookends for functional purposes? We haven’t talked about this in a while, so I thought I’d round up some cute bookends for your work space.

Related question: How do you like to organize your books — by color? By subject matter? By author last name?

In the past, we’ve talked about how to make your office more comfortable, essential items to keep at your work desk, how to decorate your workspace, where to get cute office decor, how to improve ergonomics at the office, and how to liven up your office walls… we’ve also rounded up the very best office chairs for women!

We’ve also talked about some of our favorite weird products to keep at the office: pashminas, foldable flats, items to cool you down after a sweltering commute, and mini-fridges if your situation allows!

Cute Bookends For Your Work Space, Home Office, or Cubicle


bookends with decorative design

In the “affordable and mostly functional department,” we have these bookends, which are ranked #1 for decorative book ends at Amazon. In general, there a lot of decorative wire bookends and other functional pieces.

The pictured bookends are under $20 for a 4-pack; you can see all of the Amazon bestsellers for decorative bookends here.


If you have a sort of minimal design aesthetic (also maybe a bit of a Scandinavian style?), these wooden bookends might be right up your alley. They’re bestsellers at Target, for $24.99.


These gold bookends from Anthropologie might be great if you’ve got a more styled bookshelf — and I like that they come in gold, black, and white. They’re $58.

Crate & Barrel

I will admit it: I swing wildly between the “birds are bad luck inside the house” thing and “I love decorating with small birds.” (I guess I’m just going with no live birds inside the house? Hmmn.)

In any event: I love these black and gold bird bookends from Crate & Barrel, where it’s $65 for a set of 2. They’re also available in a natural wood and a beigey-white.

West Elm

I love Art Deco office style in general, so these marble and gold bookends are totally calling my name. They’re $110 at West Elm for a set ($54 for just one).

(These black marble ones at Bloomingdale’s have a similar appeal!)


You can get a bunch of custom options at Etsy, including engravings and bookends shaped like a pet… but I liked this handmade custom lamppost, with signs pointing towards fictional places of your choosing. (The example includes Atlantis, Treasure Island, Tatooine, Pandora, the Shire, and more.)

This exact one is $110.83, from seller TinSharkLLC, which describes the shop as “nerd retail therapy.”

Urban Outfitters

We’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — you can get surprisingly cute office decor at Urban Outfitters.

These bookends are some of my favorites of this roundup — UO designs the ceramic stoneware as thus:

The Fettu’s design is inspired by the organic, ribbon-like forms of fettuccine. Wide enough to have a nice bite and substantial enough to maintain its form, the Fettu is equal parts playful and grounding. Rhythmic in form, its sculptural tendencies disguise its function, allowing it to serve as bookends or an art object.

Nice! The bookends are $150, via UO MRKT.


Another favorite from this roundup: this gorgeous hand-cut crystal bookend from Reflections Copenhagen, via Perigold. The brand recommends putting it near a window so you can catch the reflections… how gorgeous would this be sitting on an office window shelf instead of a wooden bookcase? The bookend is $495.

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