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2024 Fashion Trends: Leopard Prints

2024 Fashion Trends

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to our weekly trend discussion. Today it is 2024 Fashion Trends: Leopard Prints.

Yes…it’s baaaaackkkk….leopard prints. 

It seems every year, one of the animal prints take a dominant position in the official fashion trends, and leopard prints win this year in the 2024 fashion trends.

I learned this from Trinny London, who has no problem with wearing it now in lighter fabrics.

She does prefer the neutral-based leopard prints and says the ones with different colors “cheapen our looks.”

Leopard prints were featured as a trend on runways by most of the top designers…meaning much more is on the way.

One fashion website says, that women who wear leopard prints are independent, confident, sexy, and noncomformists.

I do want to point out that if you wear it because it is a trend…that would make a conformist.

Anyway, join me on this lovely holiday weekend as we discuss the next entry into the 2024 Fashion Trends.


2024 fashion trends

My images today of the leopard prints are from my recent thrift shopping…just to show you there are ways to find quality pieces for less.  (UH OH, just now noticed the purse is ripped! LOL!)

However, I bet many of you already have this new one in the 2024 fashion trends in your wardrobes.

There was a time in my life when I wore leopard prints often.  Then I tired of it, and sent most of those items on their way to thrift shops.

Now, I am kicking myself and wishing I had hung on to a few.

I personally prefer to wear this selection of the 2024 fashion trends in accessories. 

I do have shoes and a purse in leopard prints that I kept and will bring them out when I am ready…hoping I can still wear my leopard sneakers.

To me, this is more of a fall and winter trend, but I will be watching to see if there are women like Trinny who will wear it in the summer months.

As always, I have prepared a slideshow for you of items in leopard print that I discovered on the market today.

The big sales happening are also a great way to pick up a leopard print garment or accessory for fall.  

The Macy’s trench coat in the slideshow looks fun……

I have a feeling that when fall collections begin to hit racks in late July, we will see more options leopard prints.


2024 Fashion trends

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2024 fashion trends

It is your turn to let us know what you think of leopard prints showing up in the 2024 Fashion trends??

Do you agree with Trinny that the colors must be neutral and not with any color…in the past we have seen leopard prints feature many colors from hot pink to purple.

Finally, would you wear it in the summer?  I do have a couple of older summer tops in leopard prints that I will wear this summer…and one is deep green. 

But it is a nice top and it is the only leopard print I own in a different color from neutrals.  I agree with what she is saying, but I will wear that top.

Tomorrow, I am going to tweak the Sunday post just a little…and will explain why tomorrow…so come join in…until then….



By Pamela Lutrell

2024 Fashion Trends

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