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15 Pool Day Favorites from Amazon

With the unofficial start to summer this weekend, it’s time to start preparing for pool days! Today, I’m sharing some Amazon pool day favorites that are perfect for the pool and the beach.

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Amazon Pool Day Essentials

amazon pool day favorites, blue and white seashells tube, white inflatable tube

1. Seashells Tube & White Inflatable Tube

Inflatable tubes are essential for every pool day – perfect for kids, grandkids, and adults!

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amazon pool day favorites, blue and white stripe hammock pool float

2. Hammock Pool Float

I have this hammock pool float, and I love it. It is easy to use and perfect for staying cool while getting a tan!

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floating drink holders, set of 2

3. Drink Holder Floats

These floating drink holders are perfect for any size drink and come in a pack of two.

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snorkel set, reusable water balloons, pool toys

4. Snorkel Set & Reusable Water Balloons

Of course, my favorite days by the pool are when my grandchildren come to swim, so having toys is essential for pool days!

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supergoop sunscreen spray and lotion, after sun body butter

5. Supergoop! Spray Sunscreen, SPF Lotion, & After Sun Lotion

I like having a lot of sunscreen on hand, so when everyone comes over to enjoy our pool, they can be protected from harmful UV rays.

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white cooler side table, poppi sparking prebiotic sodas

6. Cooler Side Table & Poppi Prebiotic Soda

I found this cooler side table – so cute and functional. I also added these poppi sparkling prebiotic sodas as a healthy drink alternative.

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beach ball, set of 3

7. Beach Ball

Such an essential for any and every pool day!

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pool towels, blue and white beach towels, free standing towel rack

8. Pool Towels & Towel Rack

These large, quick-drying pool towels are amazing and come in a pack of four. A great way to organize your outdoor area is with this towel rack – organize miscellaneous items in the bottom basket.

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womens black retro square polarized sunglasses, sun hat

9. Sun Hat & Sunglasses

I always wear sunglasses and a hat in and around the pool to protect my eyes, hair, and face from the sun.

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Pin For Later | Cyndi Spivey | 16 Pool Day Favorites from Amazon
Pin For Later | Cyndi Spivey | 16 Pool Day Favorites from Amazon


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