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10 Summer Travel Essentials from Amazon

With summer approaching and the school year ending, we’re all gearing up for summer travel. I wanted to share some great travel products I recently discovered on Amazon. These items are all top-seller, reasonably priced, and perfect for summer travel.

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Backpack | Clear Shoe Bags | Mini White Noise Machine | Poo-Pourri | Phone Mount | Liquid IV | Compression Bags | Portable Luggage Scale | Mini Fan | Compression Packing Cubes

Summer Travel Must-Haves

pink travel carry-on backpack

1. Backpack

This carry-on backpack is efficient and affordable and comes in multiple colors.

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clear shoe bags

2. Clear Shoe Bags

These shoe bags fit every shoe size and help prevent any dirt from getting on your clothes.

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pink compression packing cubes

3. Compression Packing Cubes

These packing cubes are perfect for helping you stay organized.

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travel roll up compression bags

4. Compression Bags

Somehow I never have enough room in my suitcase so these compression bags are perfect for clearing space.

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mini white noise machine

5. Mini White Noise Machine

If you or someone you’re traveling with has a hard time sleeping, this mini white noise machine is great and easy to pack on your carry-on.

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pink portable 3-in-1 handheld fan

6. Handheld Mini Fan

This is the perfect travel find for summer, it’s rechargeable, portable, and has a light attachment.

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airplane phone mount and portable luggage scale

7. Phone Mount & Portable Luggage Scale

No more holding your phone in your hand while trying to watch something on it during the flight! Also no more stressing about your suitcase being overweight with this portable luggage scale.

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liquid IV drink packets

8. Liquid IV

It can be hard to stay hydrated, especially while traveling. I love liquid IV; these individual packets make it easy to travel with!

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travel poo-pourri spray

9. Poo-Pourri

This one is pretty self-explanatory…always leaves the bathroom smelling fresh and clean!

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