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Young Sheldon Finale: The Executive Producers Answer All Your Questions About What Happened

Young Sheldon Finale: The Executive Producers Answer All Your Questions About What Happened

No way.

Molaro: In a completely irrational thought of, maybe if I don’t see that it’s gone, maybe it’s somehow still there. I know that’s not the case. There was even a time a couple of years back where Chuck was there for a Bob Hearts Abishola thing, which is where they would shoot. I needed to talk to him and I told him, “You need to come outside. I’m not going on that stage.” And he came out.

So whose decision was it to film on stage 25 for Georgie & Mandy?

Molaro: It came up, and we agreed to it. I’m ready. I’ll wear my Big Bang class ring.

Holland: It’s going to feel smaller, right? When you go back to high school, you’re like, “Ooh, it seems smaller than I remember.”

Are you excited to go back to the multi-cam world?

Holland: So excited, yes. Single camera was great and Young Sheldon is a show we’re proud of, but we grew up doing multi-cam. That’s how we came up in this business. There’s nothing quite like putting a show up in front of a live audience.

Molaro: We’re also just hopeful in the way that flipping to single camera helped give Young Sheldon its own identity that it wasn’t chasing Big Bang, flipping back to multi-cam from a single camera will give Georgie & Mandy a shot to feel like its own show. A number of the crew from Young Sheldon are coming over with us, and we’re really happy about that. There’ll be former Big Bang [crew] people that we’re trying to bring back as well. It should be a nice mix of Big Bang, Young Sheldon, and new people.

Will there a big time jump from the YS finale when Georgie & Mandy begins?

Holland: No. If the finale of Young Sheldon took place a month after George’s funeral, then this is a month or two after that.

Molaro: The plan is to use the same babies. We love those babies. They’re cute and really well-behaved. And their parents are great.

Finally, a new generation who may not even be familiar with The Big Bang Theory is discovering Young Sheldon thanks to Netflix. It’s been in the Top 10 consistently. What does that mean to you?

Molaro: In the last six months, Steve and I hear from so many people, “Oh, my kids started watching it.” “We’re watching every episode as a family.” That’s something we didn’t really hear too much of for much of the run of the show, so there’s definitely this new burst of appreciation and audience for it, which is fantastic.

I have a good friend whose teenage son binged the first five or six seasons on Netflix, and then said to his dad, “Wait, is there an adult Sheldon character on another show?” He never even heard of Big Bang. I love it because we wanted the show to be able to stand on its own. This is sort of proof that it can.

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