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Xiao Wen Ju Vogue Singapore June 2024

Xiao Wen Ju Vogue Singapore June 2024

Vogue Singapore is on our radar more so than ever before. Over recent months, the magazine has had our undivided attention here on theFashionSpot, as Charli XCX and Sara Grace Wallerstedt have became cover stars. Now, Desmond Lim welcomes one of Asia’s most prolific of fashion models onto the cover of the magazine. Give it up for Xiao Wen Jun, who makes a return as a Vogue Singapore cover girl, having featured on the title’s relaunch covers (alongside Nana Komatsu and Diya Prabhakar) back in 2020. Fast forward to June 2024 and the Chinese beauty is posing before the lens of photographer Leslie Zhang. In the graphic and dynamic cover shot, Xiao strikes a pose wearing a backless black dress from New York City-based fashion brand Bad Binch TongTong, selected for the occasion by stylist Mengyi Audrey Hu.

Vogue Singapore June 2024 : Xiao Wen Ju by Leslie Zhang

Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“LOVE THIS!” instantly exclaimed Bertrando3. “Powerful pose, strong fashion, graphic cover – it’s a 10!”

“It’s one of Vogue Singapore’s strongest covers, if not the strongest ever! It looks complete with how the text fill up the space. Xiao Wen Ju via the lens of Leslie Zhang is a dream,” chimed in crmsn.

Also just as much a fan as forum member Nomar, sharing: “Well this is stunning. What a pose!”

“Great to see a model modeling, not just standing there, staring blankly into the camera like the nepo girls,” applauded woemwoem.

“It’s got a vintage feel to it, and I love it! that 101 broken arm pose does not look amateur here. If it was a more commercial model it would look hella tacky,” voiced Mr Yayo.

Vogue28 raved: “A truly great cover, that instantly commands your attention. It’s strong, bold, graphic, screams fashion and feels like everything a fashion magazine cover should be. Xiao Wen Ju’s dynamic pose is what makes this, teamed with the backless dress and the blunt bob. A resounding 10/10 from me!”

See more of Xiao Wen Ju as Vogue Singapore’s June 2024 cover girl and join the conversation, here.

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