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Will Travis Kelce Be at the 2024 Grammys with Taylor Swift?

As any High School Musical viewer knows, when the Big Performing Arts Event and the Big Sports Event are scheduled for the same time, you have to choose. Travis Kelce is choosing sports…not that it was that much of a choice.

As they were last year, Travis Kelce’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, are headed to the Super Bowl, which means the tight end will be doing running drills and push-ups and listen, I don’t know how you train for football, but it seems hard and time-consuming.

Kelce confirmed on The Pat McAfee Show that he wishes he could attend the 2024 Grammys and “watch [Taylor Swift] win every single award that she’s nominated for,” but he’ll already be in Vegas, where Super Bowl LVIII will be held, by the night of the awards. Swift, however, will be on hand to watch Kelce play the post-season’s final game, according to Page Six, hopping on her jet directly after her Eras Tour show in Tokyo, Japan the day before.


It’s also worth noting that however hard the Swifties may be hoping for a #Traylor (#Tayvis?) red carpet debut, Swift has never walked any red carpet with any boyfriend. She’s taken Selena Gomez, Abigail Anderson, Karlie Kloss and the entire cast of the “Bad Blood” music video as her dates…she sat next to Calvin Harris at the MTV Awards once…but even he didn’t go to the Grammys to watch her win for 1989. Her go-to plus-one as of late is her producer, Jack Antonoff, so I’m not sure how much #Traylorvis we’d get even if he could make it.

So, who will she take this year? Well, she took Keleigh Teller to the Golden Globes, so that’s one possibility. She took Blake Lively to the Renaissance London premiere. I’d imagine the Haim sisters might be in attendance as well, as it is a music industry event. We shall see! Who needs boys anyway?

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