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Hello ladies! What do you all think of the latest Mob Wife trend? First, I am sure you know what it is, but let me explain if you don’t. It’s exactly what it sounds like, dressing as mob wife characters like Carmela Soprano and Adriana LaCerva from “The Sopranos” or Karen Hill in “Goodfellas.” Think black clothes, animal prints, red lipstick, pumps, french tips, big earrings, (and) jewelry, and, of course, fur coats. I’m not sure who or why this trend started, but it has been everywhere.

Heather (So Heather) and I decided to try a minimal version of the trend because I think dressing “full” mob wife could possibly make you look like a hooker (but you do you!), but a little is fun, and we all have a few things in our closet to bring out our Mob Wife persona. We both showed up in a faux fur jacket (a must and both of ours are under $100) and in the same jeans (we do it a lot!). She wore a shell-colored tee, gold heels, and that gorgeous Louis Vuitton bag. I wore a cozy cashmere turtleneck, leopard heels (similar), a gold bag (very similar), vintage Chanel hoops that I bought in my 20s, and some glitzy Gucci sunglasses. I would honestly wear this look and not think Mob Wife, so I must like a little of the trend anyway.

The older I get, the less inspired I am to wear too many trends. It’s exhausting keeping up. If I had to pick a trend right now, it would probably be “quiet luxury,” which is the opposite of Mob Wife, and always leopard print!




JACKET // SWEATER (less expensive) // JEANS // BELT (sold out) // BAG (less expensive) // SHOES (similar) // EARRINGS (similar)




I wasn’t going to talk about my health, but I think I should because I found out what I really have had, and it’s not Covid. Full transparency: we don’t test for Covid because we would stay home either way. I just assumed that’s what I had because of the symptoms. After I posted last Tuesday, I got really sick and started throwing up. This went on for three days. I literally could not keep anything down and lost seven pounds (back up two!). I talked to my doctor, and she said symptoms of COVID, so again, that’s what I thought. I got an at-home IV on Thursday and started feeling like I was over the hump on Friday. On Saturday afternoon, I began having chills and body aches. I took my temperature, and it was 100.4. That was it! I drove to the City Doc ( doc in the box) and was tested for Covid, flu, and UTI (my back hurt). Everything was negative except for UTI.

When the doctor came in, she told me that everyone who had walked through the door had this (of course, I know no one who does) and that it was Adenovirus. Adenovirus symptoms are everything but the kitchen sink, and lucky me, I got all of them, even the UTI. She said it lasts two weeks to two months. And at that, I said, “Excuse me?” She also told me that this virus is hitting harder because we wore masks during Covid and didn’t get to build up our antibodies.

I finally started feeling like myself more yesterday (thank God!), but I still have a horrible cough that I’m sure will last a while. I wanted to tell you all about this because I have been so depressed and felt like something was really wrong with me. I have never been as sick. I think I got this from my two-year-old granddaughter three weeks ago. She is into making “pooting” sounds and did it right in my face many times. I wanted to let you all know in case you or anyone you know gets this. It’s a crazy virus that lasts a long time. Now, on to rebuilding my immunity!

Have a great day! Be WELL and Stay safe! xx

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