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Wearing Business Casual Jeans- 21 Ways to Wear Jeans at Work

Wearing Business Casual Jeans- 21 Ways to Wear Jeans at Work

While choosing the outfit for work, One of the main questions which comes to mind is; Are jeans business casual? can you wear jeans to work? It is not very simple for women to decipher business casual attires for the office considering the kinds of jobs out there; however, by using your aesthetics the right way and following the basic business casual tips, you can stun everyone with your professional office look.

Let’s start with the do’s and don’ts :

  • No matter what type of jeans you wear, the fitting is of utmost importance. The ideal work-appropriate jeans would neither be too fit nor too loose. It’s pretty obvious that in a business environment, dad jeans would never fit in. So when buying jeans for work, make sure that you go for the right fit.
  • For days when you have nothing but your casual jeans, a well-tailored blazer can help you bring the whole outfit together.
  • No matter what you do, ripped and distressed jeans will never be appropriate for work if you work in a professional environment.
  • For times when you want a more professional look, such as a presentation day, opt for jeans with a refined dark wash instead of lighter or colourful ones.
  • Minimalism is the key when wearing jeans to work; if you go over the top with embellishments on your jeans, you’re going to lose the polished look.
  • There are many hairstyles that you can choose for your jeans outfits at work; our favourites this year are the ponytail, half ponytail, and a sleek top bun.

Casual Business Attire with Jeans

48 – Seminar Look

outfits with jeans for work


47 – With White Shirts

White shirts are always worn by professionals because they seem business-fitting to the most. They can be embroidered, voluminous, or ruffled, paired with black or blue denim jeans and some classy sandals to give your attire that elegant look you were looking for.


46 – All denim

A denim jeans and shirt suit is the new big deal these days. If your boss calls you in for a meeting while you are with friends wearing this suit, don’t worry! Get hold of a satin scarf and tie it around your neck. With pencil heels that are pretty or a cute pair of pumps, your colleagues will be awestruck.


45 – Pink Sweater – Tucked In

work outfits with jeans


44 – White Jeans with Blue Top

work outfits with white jeans


43 – With Grey Turtle Neck

Turtleneck outfits with jeans

42 – Plaid prints

This gingham plaid jeans along with a turtleneck to keep your warm is should be the top seller look of the season. We can wear a black blazer with it to look more presentable or a plain and graceful necklace. For shoes, you can opt for black pumps, flats or black court shoes. Here are some more of our favorite Linen Pants Outfits for women.

Plaid Jeans

41 – Black is the new Black

Black is the sort of color that looks good in nearly all color combinations, with bold, neutral, and white tones. Consequently, you can get a little innovative on your own, and wear a black shirt and jeans with a white over a shirt or replace the turtleneck with a white shirt. You can also accessorize with pearly white ear studs and black pencil heels or stilettos.


19 – Oversized sweaters with Jeans

A woven or knit oversized sweater or a turtleneck tucked in the skinny jeans the combination is a gorgeous way of putting all the pieces together. Sure, You can get imaginative with the colors and with the sort of shoes you have to wear. With your bag matching your jeans, shoes or sweater, this outfit is the perfect go-to outfit for work. Do check out this list of the best Ideas On How To Wear Oversized Clothes.


40 – Khaki Pants with Sneakers

This stunning shirt with such details goes perfectly with these neutral skinny jeans and adds a comfy touch with the sneakers. Short, white dangly earrings and a watch can be worn on the shirt.

Embroidered Top with Jeans

39 – High Waisted Flared Jeans

The gorgeous shirt with high-waisted flared jeans is the ideal look for presentations at work or for meeting your higher-ups. White flats and a white handbag or clutch can be considered options to be worn with this dress with hair in a high-tail pony.

White Statement Top with Jeans

38 – Looks for Summer

When it’s burning outside and you still have to go I work, this outfit is the one for you through and through. Pair it up with a plain pendant and a bracelet. You can wear skinny or flared jeans as well with the sleeveless top and wearing your hair in loose curls.


37 – With Buttoned Down Shirts

These loose shirts can be tucked into your jeans, skinny, wide-leg, flared, or bell bottoms. For a more formal look, braid your hair in a French or fishtail braid and wear small dangly earrings with it. Nude court shoes or sandals can be added to the look. Here are some of my favorite Button-Down Shirt Outfits.


36 – Ruffles can never go wrong

This all-black outfit is added with a touch of ruffles to it. Ruffled or flounced blouses or uppers are extremely underrated, though they display such sophistication and their aesthetics are on another level. Worn with a matching bag and pencil heels, these will let you leave an everlasting impression.

Ruffled Top with Jeans

35 – With Red Blazer

Printed Jeans Outfits

34 – Jeans with Blazers

A blazer is a vital part of your professional life, it’s the need and want of nearly every woman out there. Black, white, neutral, or grey blazers can go with every one of your outfits. It has various options to consider; cape blazers, colorful blazers, leather blazers and so much more. Additionally, it can be worn with all sorts of tops, shirts, and jeans. This double necklace is a pretty piece to wear with the nude shade blazer, and trying your hair in a neat bun further polishes your look.


33 – Feat Blouses

These Blouses can be bought in color and paired with black or white skinny jeans to give you that professional touch. The blouse can be worn with a scarf or a muffler in winters, to keep you warm and mark you for trendsetter of the week. A pendant necklace with white earrings and black pumps or wedge heels would be a cherry on top.


32 – The Sophisticated look

Work wear outfits with jeans

31 – For Women over 50

This adorable floral blouse screams major outfit goals. It is the perfect definition of a Casual outfit for work, the straight-leg jeans match the colors of the blouse. A matching belt and grey pumps can top it off as well if added. All of you ladies can pull off this look.

Work wear outfits for women over 50

30 – Statment Sleeves


29 – Turtlenecks


28 – Striped Jeans for a change

Striped Jeans Work Outfits

27 – For Plus Sized Ladies

Lace top with outfit

26 – One with the long coat

I’m obsessed with this look to my very core. The gorgeous blogger has managed to bring about the elegance of this outfit whilst wearing mom jeans. She has worn a turtleneck with a beautiful long coat, a trench coat can also be worn as an addition. Cute huggie or wire hoop earrings can also be added. Here are some more timeless looks created with Long Coats.


25 – Voluminous sleeves and the buttoned shirt


24 – With a Sleeveless Sweater

Sleeveless Sweater with Jeans Work Outfit

23 – Blouse and Strapped Heels

Casual Work Outfits with Jeans

↓ 21- With Denim Tops

business casual jeans for work

↓ 20- Cropped Pants

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (12)

↓ 19- Printed Business Casual Bottoms

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (7)

↓ 18- Bright Colored Bottoms

If you are a fan of colors other than charcoal, navy and black, then you’ll have to give up on funky colored blouses. Wear a dark maroon or plum jeans with a simple black top and blazer, keeping your pumps black and high. Such an attire is perfect for women who belong to managerial and assistant jobs.

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (15)

↓ 17- Celeb-Inspired Look

Miranda Kerr has been known for her exceptional business casual ensembles. All you need to dress up like a celeb to work is a luxe silk blouse in an enchanting shade with your skinny black jeans and casual black blazer. Make sure your handbag is going with your attire and go for textured sky-high pumps.

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (19)

↓ 16- With Printed Blouse

Soft, cropped and straight denim pants can be worn with a chiffon floral or textured blouse in matching shades as that of jeans. However, you can go for bright shoes to enhance the look of your attire. Doctors and teachers will look extremely fresh and pleasant in such an ensemble, particularly during spring.

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (8)

↓ 15- Plus-Size Women

Black is the perfect shade for plus-sized women as it can make them look smarter and charming. Black skinny jeans with a striped top and a coloured blazer are one perfect option for ladies who are curvy. Also, nude heels and a formal strap watch will enhance the ensemble. Here are 17 Elegant Plus Size Work Wear Outfits Combination Ideas.

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (13)


↓ 14- Button Down Shirt

A crisp white formal button-down shirt and a short camel color blazer with dark blue denim skinny pants is an option which goes well with sterling silver ear studs and a sling leather bag.

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (21)

↓ 13- Fall Look

Fall is all about dressing warm and adding a bit of layering to keep the cosy feel in the office as well. A formal charcoal coat with a simple knitted top and jean bottoms will go perfectly with ankle boots.

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (17)


↓ 12- Boot-Cut Jeans

Boot-cut denim pants are super professional when worn with a white polished blazer and a peachy polka dot classy top tucked inside the jeans. Wear it with stiletto sandals in colors like rosy pink or off-white.

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (23)

↓ 11- White Round NEck Shirt and Scarf

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (6)

↓ 10- Summer Attire

A simple mandarin collar crisp white top can be worn with faded jeans and white pumps, keeping your bag in a lighter grey shade, making it an amazing business casual summer look. Here are 18 Fabulous Ways To Wear White Shirts For Girls.

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (20) business casual jeans for work


↓ 9- Turtle Neck Tops

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (4) jeans outfits for work women

↓ 8- Vintage Blouse

Wearing a vintage blouse with ruffled sleeves and deep neckline and pairing it with dark wash denim pants in boot-cut style looks super classy at work. For the shoes, you can go for simple black heels, ankle straps or even your favorite black pumps. If you’re a lover of vintage outfits, there are many other combinations that you could give a try.

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (3)

outfits for work with jeans

↓ 7- Blazer

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (5)

↓ 6- Prints

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (18)


If you want, you can even go for printed jeans instead, as they look great as work outfits, when styled the right way of course. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

business casual jeans for working women

↓ 5- All Black

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (16)

↓ 4- Oversized Jeans

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (1)

↓ 3- White Jeans

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (2)

↓ 2- Winter Work Look

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (14) business casual jeans outfits for work

↓ 1- Pastel Pink Jeans

Women's Outfits with Business Casual Jeans (9)


If you’re someone who prefers bolder colours instead of pastel ones, we recommend that you give the green-blue palette a try. This is a rather new but perfect colour combination, and it looks really refreshing on hot summer days. Other bold combinations that you can try include orange and black, yellow and green or purple and coral.

business casual jeans outfits for work

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