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Want to Travel Pretty? Start with a Bracelet – The Highlands’ Heather Bracelets by Fierce Lynx Designs

Want to Travel Pretty? Start with a Bracelet – The Highlands’ Heather Bracelets by Fierce Lynx Designs

May 31, 2024

Yes, we waited as long as possible to get to the May bracelets, because our bracelet goddess was on vacation in …. SCOTLAND…

my envy knows no bounds…

In keeping with her Scottish adventure, her bracelets this months are right on point:

Highlands’ Heather Bracelets – Fierce Lynx Designs

For a longer trip, or a larger wardrobe, there’s a ton of ivory and bone hues to work with here…

Highlands’ Heather bracelets – Fierce Lynx Designs

Right now, we have quite a few heroines traveling to places that aren’t sweltering summer weather – Arctic cruises, north of Scotland, north of Finland… You all do some interesting things!

And I’ve been asked more than once for a travel capsule wardrobe that’s full of L.L.Bean clothes and their timeless aesthetic. AND many of us are excited about wearing pink. So this all comes together here, with a heroine setting off (maybe from a warm hometown) to a cool, autumn-like destination.

This heroine is only going away for a week and thus has decided that she’s going to travel with just 10 garments. Therefore, I went back into the Archives and dug out the Perfect 10 Packing template, and made a quick modification:

The bottom row of our original template included a top, a dress, and a v-neck sweater. I swapped out the dress for another pair of pants (this is a casual trip – if you’re going to want a dress, include the dress!). I also removed the very specific “v-neck” from the sweater description, although there are good reasons for looking specifically for that style…

THEN… I went looking:

These should easily fit in a carry-on bag…

I hesitated for ages over the plaid flannel tunic and floral scarf at the bottom left. The orange in them isn’t in the bracelet anywhere, which slowed me down. But (a) they’re perfect together, and (b) they bring a bright cheer to this wardrobe that pleased me. Maybe in three months, when the world is full of cool weather clothing, I might have done something else…

Now, our template looks like this:

And our travel capsule wardrobe looks like this:

For a longer trip, I would add the original threesome of “top, dress, v-neck sweater” to get to a 13-piece wardrobe. If you want to bump up to 16 garments (assuming you’re traveling for weeks), one more second layer, a top, and either a skirt or pants would get you to that number in a logical way.

But how can one wear these things? I’m so glad you asked!

Writing about travel capsule wardrobes makes me sigh… Some day, I’m going to be SO ready to travel again!



p.s. Ten years ago, I assumed that we wanted to buy a bright summer scarf, and then tried to figure out which color we might choose

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