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Want to Shake Up Your Routine? Start with a Scarf – the Stephen Bliss silk scarf from Echo

Want to Shake Up Your Routine? Start with a Scarf – the Stephen Bliss silk scarf from Echo

May 10, 2024

She knew it was time for a change; for years, she was known for her subtle wardrobe of shades of ivory and beige… She loved it, but she knew that it was time to brighten things up a bit.

She’s been dressing like this for ages:

And then this caught her eye. She even felt that – when much younger – she had looked like the woman in the scarf.

After thinking about it for a few days, she finally took the plunge and ordered!

She looked at her scarf – very closely – for quite a while. After sleeping on it for a night, she isolate this color palette as a starting point for her wardrobe evolution:

Some patience, and a little bit of shopping, got her to these slight but meaningful changes in her favorite outfits:

Nothing racy, nothing terribly daring…

And she kept looking at her scarf, and at herself, and at her feeling about her wardrobe…

‘Til she came to this:

These outfits feel quite different for her. But still comfortable – surprisingly comfortable!

At this point, she realizes that she can try any color she wants, and if it doesn’t work out, there’s really very little harm done – used clothing and accessories can be resold. Thus, she jumped right into the deep end of daring accent colors!

These new outfits attract a kind of attention she’s never experienced…

There’s one last step that she’s never dared to take – wearing black! But her scarf relies on black for definition and detail – why not give it a try?

Her new outfits are simple and subtle, but feel like a big breakthrough for her!

For me, the biggest wardrobe shift I’ve made has been to wear brown. I don’t know why – I have brown eyes, and some brown hair left. But it never appealed, until now!



p.s. Ten years ago, I shared a few of my ideas about how to successfully shop via mail order – more important than ever to think about!

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