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Want to Add Denim to Black & White? Start with a Scarf – the Willow Allen Scarf by Echo

Want to Add Denim to Black & White? Start with a Scarf – the Willow Allen Scarf by Echo

June 10, 2024

Maybe you really loved the black and white wardrobe on Friday, but you know that you don’t want to travel without some denim or chambray!

This scarf should set you up pretty well:

the text means “take care of the land and animals and they will give you life”

I’ve isolated the three shades of blue in the scarf, but I think you can be pretty flexible with this:

These four outfits are going to look familiar, but different. This is what The Vivienne Files is all about – the possibilities you have available with small changes. Nobody needs an entirely new wardrobe (well, almost nobody); most of us just need a few well-chosen updates!

Yes, her handbags are similar, but it’s not that easy to find a nice denim or denim-colored bag!

Never forget the potential of some socks! How I wish someone in the US carried 300 colors of socks…

If I had a lot of spare time, I would have edited the image of this bracelet, and written “VIVIENNE” in place of “your text”…

This heroine has the following travel capsule wardrobe – I could go a long way with this in a backpack…

Here’s how our 10 garments fit into the Perfect 10 Packing template:

Even if you were just traveling with 4 outfits, you’d be in a good spot. But of course, there are other options!

If you combine Friday’s wardrobe with this, it’s still only 15 pieces. If you wear 3 while you’re traveling, you would only need to pack a dozen… hmmm….



p.s. Ten years ago, we pondered the possibilities of adding a floral shirt or blouse to a Common Wardrobe. It can be done!

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