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Want a Wider Range of Colors in a Travel Capsule Wardrobe? Revisiting Start with Art – Mirage by Max Ernst

Want a Wider Range of Colors in a Travel Capsule Wardrobe? Revisiting Start with Art – Mirage by Max Ernst

June 21, 2024

Remember this from last week?

Well, our (quite real!) heroine was pretty pleased with the blue and white wardrobe, and was wondering what might happen if she added some brown and pink…

Just for clarity (and to help those of us with a less than stellar memory!), this was her original travel capsule wardrobe:

Our heroine’s first instinct was to add another 10 pieces of clothing, to try to keep everything even and balanced. But she realized that this might be pretty ambitious, as well as making the wardrobe rather large. (if she was just planning for a summer wardrobe, it might make sense to do this; since she specifically asked me about travel, I’m trying to keep the wardrobe reasonably small)

So after a great deal of searching, and some serious thinking, our heroine chose to add this to her travel capsule wardrobe:

This was pretty clear-cut shopping:

  • a three-piece outfit in her 2nd neutral,
  • plus shoes and a bag, also in brown. This give her a base upon which all of her other wardrobe colors can be worn!
  • a pink dress, which will look lovely alone, or with either of her cardigans, or even with her white shirt!
  • a pink tee shirt – the obvious place from which to test any potential accent color, and finally
  • a print top that includes white, pink and blue. It won’t necessarily look at all great with brown, but that’s fine – absolutely everything doesn’t have to match! These aren’t Garanimals…
  • And OH YEAH – more earrings, and an extra scarf…

Our heroine’s larger travel wardrobe now looks like this – plenty of variety!

If you have four colors in your wardrobe, you have six possible “two-color” color combinations for an outfit. Our heroine has already pretty much exhausted the “blue & white” outfits, but she wants to see if she can get dressed in the other color combinations offered by this wardrobe:

We determined that wearing pink and blue together might be pushing the envelope for her comfort level; she’s not really thrilled about mixing two bright colors! But with a print top, the more “low-key” possibility of wearing blue shoes with pink earrings is one way to mix those two colors successfully!

The idea of being able to wear ANY possible color combination in a wardrobe is interesting – I, for example, would never think about wearing brown and purple together, even though I own a few garment in each color.

But it’s a thought, and that’s worth something!



p.s. Ten years ago, I was up to my eyeballs in a “Start From Scratch” wardrobe series. Exactly ten years ago, I shared my thoughts on adding jeans and a shirt to one’s wardrobe

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