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Two Wardrobe Neutrals with an Accent? Start with Art – January by Elizabeth Magill

February 12, 2024

I’m getting to be a big fan of Elizabeth Magill – her paintings are deep, and rich with color…

If only I’d found this one last month, eh? But it fits nicely with our theme of clusters in neutrals, accompanied by a sizeable dash of an accent!

This could be a lifetime wardrobe – everything from white to ivory to a soft grey, and a sizeable range of subtle blues. I even see some purple in there!

I’m going to start with the first ivory/cream wardrobe cluster that we saw – the one with the dressier pants, and the skirt. I see this heroine as having a wide range of activities planned, with the need to dress “nicely” from time to time…

Next, her second neutral – a little less dressy, but one could still do quite a bit with nice corduroy pants, a silk blouse and a classic sweater vest:

And last – she found this glorious blue called (of all the useless names…) Harbor View. I LIVE with a harbor view – our building is called Harbor Point. Never saw this color out my window…

Nevertheless, she’s smitten. There are a range of garments available from J.Crew in this color right now, including suit separates. But our heroine felt that she didn’t really need a blazer, nor a 2nd skirt. Your mileage may vary, of course!

You know she’s going to skew a bit casual here when her blue shoes of choice are timeless Converse High-Tops!

Here’s her Spring wardrobe – much of it wearable now, much of it easily extended through the Summer:

Does she have options? Oh HECK yes…

This is another wardrobe that I could easily see packing for a long spring trip – wear 3 or 4 pieces, just over a dozen to pack…

Can you tell I’m ready to travel? Not in the cards for a long time to come, but I’m always thinking!



p.s. Ten years ago, I went WAY off the deep end of art, and discussed the possibilities of one’s style being Calder vs Mondrian. It’s interesting

p.p.s. This seems like the day to ask – do you often wear garments with sports team logos on them? I see SO MUCH STUFF now with logos; searching for sweatshirts is especially maddening…

I own 3 rugby jerseys, which I wear when I’m going to a match, or watching the particular team on television. I might make it down to the grocery store in the Ireland rugby jersey, but I don’t believe I’ve ever worn any of them out of the building. So I’m curious if I’m missing something that I should notice more!

Two Wardrobe Neutrals with an Accent Start with Art - January by Elizabeth Magill

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