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Summer travel basics for women

Summer travel basics for women

Peak travel season is here and so is warmer weather! Whether you’re planning a trip overseas or a shorter getaway closer to home, being prepared will make your voyage more hassle-free and enjoyable. Warm season travel has its own set of challenges, so today I’m sharing the summer travel basics for women I never leave home without!

Summer travel basics for women

I’m delighted to be joining some of my favorite bloggers today to share our favorite travel and packing tips. Check out these links and visit them for more travel wisdom!

Classic Casual Home | Most Lovely Things | Cindy Hattersley Design

Feet First: comfortable travel shoes

When planning a travel wardrobe, I always start with the shoes. Why? I learned this one the hard way on my first trip to Paris: if your feet hurt, it’s difficult to focus on and enjoy your travel experience.

Keeping our feet comfortable and supported in warm weather requires some extra attention. As we may not want to wear thicker socks for blister prevention and cushioning, it’s important to choose shoes that don’t pinch or rub anywhere, and have adequate cushioning in the insole. Be sure you’ve “road tested” them for several hours on your feet.

I always pack a pair of sleek and comfortable sneakers. Don’t worry about standing out as a tourist; sneakers have become not only acceptable, but a dominant shoe style, even in Paris!

Some people don’t like to travel with sandals, but I find them most comfortable when it’s hot. Look for styles that can be adjusted to accommodate swelling over the course of the day. And avoid insoles with a slick surface, which can make your feet sweat and slide around more.

And unless you have a wedding or other special occasion on the itinerary, leave the high heels at home. (Though some low wedges can be a comfortable option.) You can find more styles and travel footwear tips here: How to Choose the Best Travel Shoes for Spring & Summer

Relaxed linen or cotton gauze shirt

A relaxed, button-front shirt is one of my must-haves for summer travel! It can be worn on its own, as a lightweight topper over a tee or tank, or even as a cover-up for the pool or beach. And it’s often just warm enough for cool evenings, or if you find yourself in an air-conditioning draft. I like a collar that can be popped to keep the sun off your neck.

Linen is the most lightweight and breathable fabric, and will dry quicker, but cotton gauze may be preferable for those who can’t abide linen’s wrinkles.

Day-to-dinner pants or skirts

For travel, I utilize the “tabletop dressing” strategy, which means keeping bottoms simple (and repeatable) and focusing interest on the top half of the outfit. So I usually pack 1 bottom for every 2-3 tops. Pants, skirts, or even dresses that can go from sightseeing during the day to dinner out are key. For almost all venues, Smart Casual is as dressed up as you’ll need to be, so neat and comfortable styles will be most versatile.

Lightweight cardigan

Even in the warmest months, I always pack a lightweight cardigan. (And carry it with me for fluctuating airplane cabin temperatures.) While it may be hot, hot, hot during the day, some locales can cool down substantially in the evenings. Or (if you’re like me) you may get chilled in aggressively air-conditioned interiors.

And a cardigan is one of the most versatile travel pieces, which can often be worn alone, as a mid-layer or top layer, or even tied around the neck as a scarf.

I look for lightweight cardigans that can be tied over the shoulders, around the waist, or stuffed into a tote when it’s warm. Avoid anything too bulky or heavy. Fine gauge knit cashmere or merino, cotton, and even linen knits are my picks for summer travel.

Versatile wraps & scarves

Scarves are not only functional, but a great way to add color, pattern, and variety to your travel basics. I always pack a variety of scarves for travel. Even in summer, I bring a cashmere or cashmere-blend wrap (again, for chilly evenings and to keep air-conditioning blasts off my neck). But a large wrap or oversized silk chiffon square can also be used as a pareo, or to cover arms and shoulders. (Many cathedrals, temples and other tourist venues still have “modest” dress requirements, even in summer.)

And for warm weather travel, I like to include a few smaller cotton scarves or bandanas. They can be soaked in water and worn around the neck for cooling, or worn as casual head scarves.

You’ll find more travel wardrobe and packing tips in The Travel Hub.

Let’s see what travel tips my blogger friends have shared today:
Classic Casual Home | Most Lovely Things | Cindy Hattersley Design

Summer travel wardrobe essentials for women

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