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Splurge-Worthy Makeup: Unleashing Your Inner Beauty

Splurge-Worthy Makeup: Unleashing Your Inner Beauty

Moisturizer: Paula’s Choice 5% Vitamin C Sheer Moisturizer, $45. One must “prep the canvas” before they start painting! A moisturizer is key before applying any makeup to a mature face. This is a fairly new moisturizer for the PC family and I love that it is not only hydrating, sheer, but also has SPF 50 protection. It helps with a multitude of issues like dark spots, uneven texture, and dullness. And if you’re over the age of even 30, you should be including Vitamin C into your skincare routine along with SPF to protect against environmental stress, help your skin’s collagen building processes, and prevent rapid skin aging.

Primer: Natasha Denona HyGen Energizing + Hydrating Primer Serum, $48. I can’t stop telling everyone about this innovative primer serum. It has a moisturizing but lightweight texture that delivers a natural-looking, transparent, glass skin effect. It includes a special peptide that provides energizing effects on the skin and brings it to life while also making sure your foundation, put after it, stays locked in!

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