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Some Wardrobe Update Ideas – Pantone London Autumn/Winter 2024/25 Fashion Week Colors

Some Wardrobe Update Ideas – Pantone London Autumn/Winter 2024/25 Fashion Week Colors

June 26, 2024

Some of us are diligently wearing our well-crafted wardrobes regularly, but still have… an itch? a yearning? for just a little bit of an update. Something fresh (for us). A bit of a wake-up call for our usual outfits…

And Pantone delivers, with ten colors that they isolated from what they observed at the London winter fashion week. Does this mean that these colors will be readily available or easy to find? Heck no! But they do give us ideas, and ideas are where all beautifully-dressed women start!

Oddly, there is NO shade of pink here. 

Please note that I really don’t think anybody will wear ALL five items in these images at one time. I’m not sure that you should buy all five, unless you’ve got a serious case of smitten. 

Although if I were to want to wear all five items together, these “Sunburn” things would certainly make sense!

I’m quite taken with this pleated scarf – which comes in other colors…

A dress might be a good way to experiment with a color. At least it would work well for me – would you dare it?

Matching this shade of blue exactly is an exhausting, and ultimately impossible, project. So just find some beautiful light blue things that make you smile…

If you look good in orange, jump on it!

This yellow shirt is GORGEOUS… even if you are nervous about wearing yellow, picture the shirt layered over a white tee and white pants, or a white sleeveless casual dress…

This next color – it’s taupe. Pantone never really gives us an indication of how light or dark “their” color should be, so I take full liberties with that! Taupe is a timeless neutral, if it appeals, you can always wear it in accessories, or a sweater like this, layered over almost any color in the rainbow…

If you love purple, you’ve probably already discovered that you have to be pretty flexible with matching pieces! That said, these things would be beautiful with navy, or grey…

If I were updating a casual summer wardrobe, I might be tempted to just grab all five of these things; the tee is pretty relaxed, but for summer it’s perfect…

This last group is very different; I hear from people all the time who are considering adding grey to their wardrobe, so I was thinking of them when I chose these things.

The big choice one must make when adding grey to a wardrobe: is it going to be “warm” grey (i.e. with a yellowish undertone) or “cool” grey (with a blueish undertone)? These items are warm, in keeping with Pantone’s color suggestion. 

If grey is something you’re considering, I strongly suggest a traditional sweatshirt as a place to start. A tee shirt, or a sweater, are also easy things to “test drive” in a new color.

I’m including the sling bag because I’m a current BIG FAN of these – when I’m carrying a lot of stuff, or pushing a wheelchair, it’s wonderful to have my hands free and nothing banging down around my hips. I wear mine diagonally across my chest, which probably isn’t flattering, but that’s not the point! It’s nice to not worry about having anything stolen, and to be able to reach into my bag without turning away from what’s in front of me. I suspect these may go “out of style” in a heartbeat, but I also suspect that I’m going to carry mine for years!

I suppose it’s obvious that any shade of purple is going to be my favorite, but I am surprisingly fond of Misted Yellow. Maybe because we’re in the middle of a thunderstorm?

Which would you consider, and which do you abhor?



p.s. Ten years ago, I was suggesting a core “pants, 2nd layer, shoes” in our second neutrals – part of the Start From Scratch epic

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