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Review: Floerns Women’s Affordable Blouses

affordable blouses

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Today I have a review: Floerns Women’s Affordable Blouses.

There have been many requests lately for affordable fashion options, and a couple of you wanted to know more options on Amazon.

So, I tried one brand…Floerns Women’s Affordable Blouses, and have a review for you today.

I realize there are many brands on Amazon, and I will not be able to try all of the affordable blouses…but we will begin with one of them.

My goal is to be completely transparent with my thoughts.

So, let’s get going today with this brand for affordable blouses for women.


affordable blouses

When I first received this Floerns Women’s Floral Print Bow Tied Lantern Long Sleeved Blouse from Amazon, I did not think I would keep it…more about that in the cons.

However, I have now worn it more than once and have decided to keep it around. As a prime member, I only paid $28.99 + tax (no shipping costs).

In this round of affordable blouses, Floerns offers 23 prints and gives women many opportunities to have fun with the bow blouse fashion trend in interesting prints.

Now, is this my first choice of blouse…no.  I prefer the beauty and feel of the Quince washable silk blouses or silkier ones.

But now that I have this, I will wear it.  There are many things that do not get that distinction, but are sent on their way.


affordable blouses

It looks great under jackets and toppers and has a straight hemline which looks good without tucking in.

The bow can also be tied in different ways such as I did here.

I do like owning one or two affordable blouses with the elasticized sleeves because I can pull them up to elbow length, ballon them over, and have a nice look in warmer weather.

This particular print caught my eye because it has colors that complement my overall wardrobe.  But for the ladies who wear black, the BLACK FORAL and the Khaki are pretty cute.

Yes, this is fast fashion…but for many these affordable blouses can be fun fashion.


affordable blouses

These affordable blouses are 100% polyester and if you prefer soft, organic, sustainable fabrics…this is not it.

When I first felt the blouse, I thought I could not wear it because of the way it felt….similar to crepe paper.

But, after wearing it to go out and about for several hours, I came home and decided that it works. 

It was comfortable and I believe will machine wash well…though I have not yet washed it.  It does feel undestructable, so I will add fabric softener to see if that helps.

I do recommend that you size up for the best fit. These blouses run small, but some of the prints are available in sizes for plus size ladies.

It is an easy way to elevate your casual style and to give you affordable selections for a special event when your budget doesn’t allow more.

My experiences, so far, is that Amazon purchases are easy to return…I do this at my local Kohl’s Amazon Returns Desk.

I hope this gives you all the information you need for affordable blouses with bows.  I am enjoying styling this current trend.

I will do my best to review other brands of affordable blouses, but this gets us started. 

Also, I told you I would not be purchasing many prints this year…I actually knew once I said that, I would find prints that attracted me.

But, this is the first one so far…and there is one more print on the way.  My sale purchases were solid colors.

I will only purchase just the right prints which speak my creative and joyful adjectives.

Thanks for being here, ladies for my review of FLOERNS affordable blouses….doing my best to bring you all price points and offerings…because, we are all unique and not the same…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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