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Re-purposing passion over 70 | Over 50 Feeling 40

Re-purposing passion over 70 | Over 50 Feeling 40

re-purposing passion over 70

Happy Friday, friends.  Today, I want to discuss with you re-purposing passion over 70!

In the post, MYTHS ABOUT AGING, we had a lengthy and excellent discussion about our lives over age 70.

The majority of us agreed that we are not done at that time, and can still pursue and enjoy our passions.

So, I thought it might be encouraging to meet someone who is re-purposing passion over 70!

Meet John.  John is my youngest son’s father-in-law and such an inspirational man.

At age 70, he still works his long time career in public relations.

However, his love for antiquing and gardening are being re-purposed from after hours passion projects to full time passion as he nears retirement.

I love his story and find encouragement in it on a couple of key areas.


re-purposing passion over 70

So, sit down with me and John today and let’s talk passion.

As a teenager in the 60s, John would spend his summers with his maternal grandmother in her Texas home.

Maddie Mae was a strong, active woman… passionate about gardening, antiquing, her friends , family and home.

The joy which filled her spirit and her desire to never slow down served her well into her 90s.

re-purpose passion over 70


Many times during those summers, Maddie Mae would call her best friend, Lillian, and load John into the car for “picking.”

He recalled times when they would actually stop at abandoned farms to go through the potential treasures left behind.

“Everything has a re-purpose,” Maddie Mae would teach her young protege.

She would take tin plates and graters, add a little spray paint and Christmas color and turn them into Christmas ornaments with lights.

Through his grandmothers’s passions and loves, John discovered his own love for antiques and how re-purposing is a cool thing.

This part of the story really hit me about the impact we can have with our own grandchildren to assist them on their own paths to passions and careers.

I hope at least one of the eight will desire to be my protege and hang out with Gigi.


re-purposing passion over 70

About twelve years ago, before pop-up shops were cool and trending, John started his own.

He called it Gathers No Moss (great name, right?) and would pop-up in other places around town to share his antique curating skills and gardening knowledge.

He was even invited into Pottery Barn and West Elm to discuss ways to use their own wares with flower arranging and selections from home gardens.

Home owners began to reach out to him and ask for help with “picking” for their homes.

It has all been part time, but gradually is re-purposing to a full time passion over 70.

re-purposing passion over 70

He now has his own space within a larger antique shop called Armadillo Antiques.

But, his shop is called Little Cabin in the Heights…and for now, I will not share the story behind this name.

He and his lovely wife, Jamie, can be found often on trips to curate treasures.

“The picking community is a fun group and a close one,” John shares.  “We stay in touch and help one another out.”

These relationships keep him from isolation, and encourage kindness throughout the community.

For full disclosure, some of the photos today are not just from John’s area but also from other places within Armadillo Antiques.

re-purposing passion over 70

John has many reasons why his re-purposed passion will live on past age 70.

He acknowledges that passion is important at all ages, but especially for those of us rapidly going through life for these reasons:

  1. The importance of needing a next goal when chapters begin to close.
  2. We feel more alive when we pursue our passions and goals.
  3. It keeps us moving and shaking…with a reason to get up every morning.
  4.  Continuing to generate income is very helpful.

With the first grand child on the way, John admits his passions will be focused on being a grandfather.

But, who knows, perhaps the new little one will one day be his protege…picking throughout Texas.

John laughed at the end of our time together and said, ” I will definitely keep going past 70…as long as I can.  Life is not over and maybe just beginning.”

I completely agree.

re-purposing passion over 70

If you are shopping in San Antonio, stop by Armadillo Antiques and see what treasures John has in his area.  

See you tomorrow, friends…until then…


re-purposing passion over 70

(I just might re-purpose this lamp to my house!)

By Pamela Lutrell

A special thank you to everyone who shops with my SHOPPING LINKS…your support is everything!

re-purposing passion over 50

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