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Prom Musics through the Decades – Couture Candy


What is more exciting than dancing with our crush or lover? It’s one of the exciting events that teenagers are anticipating. But, did you know when prom started? If you don’t have any idea, then I’ll tell you. Keep up with me and let’s recall prom back in the past with their iconic dresses, hairstyles and shoes. Wait! Did we just forget something? The songs for Prom! What is a dance without music, right? Nevertheless, we’ll get there!



Prom originated from the word “promenade” that was invented by Otto Rohwedder in 1928. It started in America and later on, other countries started to have their own prom event. From gymnasium to hotel ballrooms and country clubs. Through the decades, it has expanded and progressed. Let’s see how it changes.



For more than decades, who would have thought that prom was already in during 1928. It is a dance party- which is loved by everyone until now. Of course, music gives life to any party. Does your grandma or grandpa tell you what kind of prom they had, and what about the music that made them dance? Does “Mona Lisa by Nat King Cole” ring a bell or does it sound familiar? No? Well, it has been 70 years. Prom tradition is older than us! A prom in the 1950s, are you curious about what kind of dresses they had before? So Am I! An iconic tea length dress, it’s breathtaking. Do you want to have a prom look back in the past? Check these tea length dresses from Couture candy. Also, let’s check out the music playlists that made them dance in the past!



We all know that music suits our mood and that it boosts the party. A party without music? Boring! Have you heard Can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presley”? A 1960s song, it sounds so romantic and dreamy while dancing and looking at each other’s eyes. We can’t just help but fall in love, right? How about a prom song in the 1970s, Eric Clapton’s Wonderful tonight– it goes with “it’s late in the evening, she’s wondering what clothes to wear”. Totally true! And of course, prom night is indeed wonderful.


If we have a chance, we totally want to have a prom night each time we want. We all agree that we want to be young forever. Alphaville’s song Forever Young can give us the feels. “You were meant for me by Jewel” a 1990s song that can make us emotional. Reminiscing the good old times can really touch our hearts, especially the moments we cherished.



What a blast of information we just had. Well, if we knew what prom was back in the 90s, how about in our own time? Let’s get to it. With our dazzling prom dresses, long gowns or cocktail dresses. Our time is quite different, bold and sexy is the definition of our prom party. With a mixture of hip shaking and slow dance playlist, name it all!


We have “We are young sung by Fun”, cause it’s good to be young and the night of our prom can bring “our world to fire”– Prom night makes us shine brighter. 

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