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updates at Kohl's

Happy Tuesday, ladies…welcome to a post of updates at Kohl’s.

After I posted last fall about Kohl’s new merchandising for Christmas, several of you asked that I post updates at Kohl’s.

Specifically, you wanted to know if they kept the store clean and organized after Christmas.

My new updates at Kohl’s is full of optimism.

Leigh Ann & I returned to the same store and it is clean, organized, bright and inviting…just in between collections…as most stores are.

Come along today and do a little light shopping with Leigh & Me.


updates at Kohl's


As I said, both of us were impressed with the condition of the store from the moment we entered.

Very well kept…organized with creative displays.

The new holidays are in the same special section at the front.  First we saw St. Patrick’s Day.

updates at Kohl's

Then updates at Kohl’s included a larger section for Easter. 

Valentine’s was already consolidated into clearance in a very small section.

Remember, Easter is early this year…last weekend of March.

Updates at Kohl's

These new holiday sections are directly in front of Sephora at the Northwoods location in San Antonio.

I needed a new facial roller…I actually used up my old one and it had broken at the bottom…after many of years of use.

So, we stopped in so I could purchase this SEPHORA COLLECTION ROSE QUARTZ FACIAL ROLLER and I like it better than the old one.

I use it after everything I put on my face…even sunscreen.

It is super easy to have it right there at the front of Kohl’s.


updates at Kohl's

As I said, they are in between collections, so we decided to return another day for casual women’s wear.

However, Leigh Ann needed some updates at Kohl’s in her tennis clothing…including a new athletic bra.

So we decided to try some of the athletic wear and jackets…most of which are on sale.

I loved this color on Leigh Ann….but it looks more blue here, and online more green…this happens often.

This is the TEK GEAR PERFORMANCE JACKET with the WOMEN’S TEK GEAR DRY TEK TANK In the same color called night green.  (online there are 10 colors left out of 13 in the jacket)

updates at Kohl's

Leigh Ann also liked this COLUMBIA SWITCHBACK III HOODED PACKABLE JACKET and is considering it for a backpacking trip to Colorado.

She is wearing the color Harbor Blue.

updates at Kohl's

I tried on the fuchsia color, and paired it with the WOMEN’S TEK GEAR DRY TEK TANK In the colorful print called Blue Haze…which both of us liked this print.

updates at Kohl's

updates at Kohl's

We decided that Columbia’s prices are worth it because of the many details the other jackets like this do not have.

The seams for better fit…velcro on the sleeves…zipped pockets…and packable style.  See all the Columbia Jackets for women at Kohl’s.




updates at Kohl's


There was one more more jacket that Leigh Ann liked and would recommend.

This is the PARACHUTE UTILITY JACKET...and she is wearing a junior’s medium in brown.

She felt like this was a very versatile jacket to take a casual look to a trendy, current level.

She was very fond of it.  Once I began to look at it, I agreed that there were many fun ways it could be worn over 50.

One of the challenges during this time of year is low stock, and even lower selections of sizes.

I know this is a quick little trip to Kohl’s but we will have more updates at Kohl’s once spring begins to show up more.

Did you have any other questions you wanted us to answer when we went back.  The store did have quite a few shoppers in it in several departments.

I actually spoke with one of the fashion merchandisers in charge of the mannequins and she asked my advice.  We had a nice discussion.

I was glad to see that was in an employee’s job description.

Let us know what you think about our new updates and Kohl’s…and make sure that you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

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updates at Kohl's

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