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New color ideas for black pants

color ideas for black pants

Happy Thursday, friends.  Today, I have for you new color ideas for your black pants.

I was recently asked for more ideas for styling black pants and thought one way to look at it was to discuss new color ideas for black pants.

My intention was to go out and about this week and visit more dressing rooms, but the weather had its own idea.

If I was not still in a recovery boot, excessive rain might not have kept me away…but I am still trying to be careful and not hinder the foot recovery.

Since I was asked for ideas specifically with black pants, and to closet dive a little more, I thought this was a great opportunity to do just that.

These are the pants I am wearing often lately because of the recovery boot…. the black Talbot’s T by Talbots Ribbed High Waist Flare Leggings.  


color ideas for black pants

I am certain the majority of you know this, but for others who might not, BLACK is a neutral which means it goes with ANYTHING.

However, most of us get in ruts of wearing the same things over and over again with our black pants.  

I wear black pants often, but need to make sure that for my best look, I have my autumn color palettes on top.

Our first combo in the new color ideas for black pants is PURPLE AND OLIVE (MILITARY) GREEN.

I have liked wearing purple and green together for a long time…even before my colors were officially determined to be a Vibrant Autumn.

Both colors are in my palette, and when I look for color ideas for black pants, I do my best to stay in that best palette for my most confident style.

These pieces from my closet are go-to pieces…a Talbot’s blazer and a Chico’s sweater…past purchases.

color ideas for black pants

I accessorized this look with bronze flats by Clarke, also a past purchase that I actually found on a DSW clearance rack.

I love these shoes…and they look amazing with a black pant.

However, here are some fun inspiration looks that are takes on this color idea for black pants, Including bronze shoes:

Oh yes, the necklace I am wearing is from a boutique in San Antonio called NICHE.


color ideas for black pants

color ideas for your black pants

Here is the trench coat I introduced to you on Tuesday: Style Tips for a Long Trench Coat.

I wore it every day this week, and one day inspired this look as one of the color ideas for black pants.

I paired the black pants with the oregano color of the St.John’s Bay Women’s V Neck Long Sleeve T Shirt.

This shirt is by far one of the top sellers on this blog…it comes in 22 colors…and I think I own maybe six of them.

It is a wonderful tee shirt and until January 28 if you use the code SETGOALS, you can order this shirt at JCP for $7.18!  For that price, get more than one color.

I love this coat and outfit underneath paired with the colorful wool scarf I found in a boutique in Skagway, Alaska last summer.  The scarf is magnificent.

The boutique owner’s daughter is the artist who created the scarf.  

Black pants always provide a way to style “out-front” color combinations!


color ideas for black pants

Denim combined with black is a fabulous way to discover new color ideas for black pants.

I have liked denim tops and jackets with black pants for a very long time.

Today, I am wearing a Chico’s denim top with fraying on the line of bottoms which gives a nice unique style to the look, and a cream colored Talbot’s field cotton jacket.

Here are denim blouses currently on the market and a pretty jacket :


color ideas for your black pants

Do not be afraid to pair any shade of brown with black.  In fact, dark browns and black make for very chic color ideas with black pants.

This brown is what I would call Cinnamon…kind of a light brown and red mix.  It is an older linen jacket from JJILL, with a striped brown and cream top from LOFT.

As I have written, stripes will be bigger than ever this year, and I do love to pair a floral scarf with stripes.

Here are some new arrivals in striped tops and any would go with black pants:

Just remember, with black pants anything goes…blue, brown, green, cinnamon, rust, red…you name it, it goes.  Black pants can be one of our favorite staples to style just because of this.

What are some of the new ways you are wearing black pants?  Any thoughts on new color ideas for black pants…I hope I have you thinking of new ways you can style your own.


By Pamela Lutrell

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color ideas for black pants

I styled the denim shirt outfit with this bracelet.  It was a GOODWILL SA find.  And one of my favorites!

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