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My Summer Game Plan for feeling fit + energized! – Edit by Lauren

My Summer Game Plan for feeling fit + energized! – Edit by Lauren

My Summer Game Plan for feeling fit + energized to live life to the fullest!

Calling all mamas who need a simple & doable plan to look & feel your best + have sustained energy to keep up with the kids all day long.

Reset with me starting today, and together let’s ::

☀️ Get stronger, leaner & more toned

☀️ Save time with effective workouts that are under-30 min

☀️ Balance our hormones

☀️ Reduce brain fog

☀️ Increase our energy all day

☀️ Sleep better

☀️ Feel our best so we can present our best selves to our family & friends!

If you are tired of fad diets, weary from having low energy, exhausted by working out with little results and ready for a sustainable plan that can change your body from the inside out in the next 6 weeks, this is for you!

Here are the two things I am concentrating on…

Dive into the FASTer Way to Fat Loss today and save $20 with code DETOX. {Code ends 05/28 at midnight.}

My coach, Anne Marie, pictured above is the absolute best. She is a good personal friends + busy mom to three teens. She will walk you through this doable 6 week program every step of the way, customize your macros and coach you to look + feel your best without slaving at the gym or ever starving! I cannot recommend her or this program enough! After indulging in lots of treats this Memorial Day weekend, I know I am ready to jump back in and reset!

Register here and start today! Code DETOX for $20 off!

Read more about my FASTer Way journey on this post and this post!


Enjoy Free Shipping on the Cortisol Cocktail today and tomorrow!

If you follow me on Instagram, you have heard me raving about the “cortisol cocktail” the past few weeks. It has been an incredible and fast-acting change for me! I feel so energized and mentally focused on it, I cannot stop talking about it. It makes a great supplement to the FASTer Way as it supports healthy cortisol levels!

Benefits of the Cortisol Cocktail ::

  • Sustained energy with no crash :: I mean it when I say I have unbelievable energy ALL day long, and no longer have an afternoon slump! I am no longer reaching for extra caffeine during the day!
  • Improved mood :: It sounds crazy, but things just seem to roll off me easily that would normally stress me out!
  • Clears brain fog :: My brain is on fire now! I am ultra motivated and think so clearly!
  • Decreases cravings :: Especially salty and sweets!
  • Less bloating + puffiness :: Especially in the face and around the stomach.
  • Better sleep :: I am sleeping like a baby!

Interested? The Cortisol Cocktail Duo is where to start! Shoot me an email at [email protected] or Instagram @laurenlefevre after you order today or tomorrow {May 28/29} and I will venmo you back the shipping!

I personally love the Strawberry Watermelon. Each am, I take 1/3-1/2 scoop/packet of the Strawberry Watermelon XCelerate, mixed with water + one Power of Three Capsule. Each afternoon, between 1-2pm or so, I mix another 1/2 scoop of the Strawberry Watermelon. It’s delightful to sip on throughout the day! Be sure to start with 1/3 packet/scoop and move up to the 1/2 slowly!

I hope you will join me in feeling our best this summer from the inside out! I always love hearing from y’all, so please keep me posted on your personal wins and successes!



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