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My Favorite Leggings + Weekly Workout Routine – Edit by Lauren

I am pretty sure I have worn leggings at least a part of in January! Partially to stay comfy and partially because I have been hitting it hard with workouts and walking!

I get questions daily/weekly on Instagram about my favorite, go-to leggings, so I thought it would be helpful to round them all up in one place here. Truthfully, there are four brands/styles of leggings that I absolutly love and wear on repeat. I own each of these pairs in multiple colors and can attest the comfort, quality and durability of each pair, as I have owned all of them for years and washed countless times!

My Four Favorite Leggings Brands + Styles

Spanx Booty Boost Leggings :: These really do boost the booty…and I feel like they slim everywhere else too, from the thighs to the waist. My black Booty Boosts are main-stays, and I just a dded this pretty new shade of blue that just debuted! Code LLXSPANX for 10% off + free ship and free returns. I wear a size small in these.

Lulu Lemon Align Leggings :: Lulu Aligns are probably my all-time favorite leggings. They cost a pretty penny, but I love the “naked” feel, comfort and how well they stay in place. The issue is that now many Aligns are made with a liner, that makes them thicker and not as comfortable! It’s a toss up whether the color/print I am interested in is the right fabric/lining free. My suggestion is to click on the color/print you are interested in ordering and then look under “Materials and Care.” Choose a pair WITHOUT the lining listed! The lining adds an uncomfortable “thickness,” in my opinion, and also does not stay up as well during workouts! I wear a size 4 in these. I am wearing the 25″ here…my favorite length for year-round wear. My fleece is a Free People Movement favorite and linked here.

Amazon Heynuts Leggings :: If you like the Lulu Aligns, these are a MUST-TRY! Under-$30 and are almost identical to the Aligns in terms of fit + feel. These are hands-down the bests leggings on Amazon and come in a dozen or so fun colors. I wear a small in these. This Amazon pullover is also a winner!

Vouri Daily Leggings :: I love the light-weight, super comfy material of these Vuori leggings. I also love the high-waist with draw-string that looks super cute with a tank or tee tucked into. The ankle hem of these has a jogger-vibe to it, also making them a bit unique. If you like the weight/feel of the Align or Amazon legging above, you will also love these! I wear a size small in the long length. This Amazon zip-up fleece is a new purchase and I absolutley love it! The drawstring allows you to cinch the waist, giving it a flattering and cute fit! I am wearing color khaki in a size small fleece.

A few other workout favorites ::


My Weekly Workout Routine

Below is my general weekly workout routine. I love walking outdoors when the weather is decent, and aim for 10-12K steps every day. I often listen to podcasts or make phone calls when I walk, and an hour goes by so quick! I walk outdoors at least 6 out of 7 days a week…for me this is just as important mentally as it is physically! I typically play tennis 2x a week {a practice + a match}. When the weather is nice, I play more often, but have learned that playing tennis, although an intense cardio workout, does NOT help me stay trim! Weight lifting has made a noticeable difference in my body the past year, and my goal for 2024 is to become more toned and stronger. This means weights at least 4 days a week. I include weights in my HIIT/Tabata workouts as well on strength training days. I am absolutely loving the FASTer Way app workouts…they are so quick + so efficient. Truly save me so much time and I love that they can be completed at home or gym!

Monday + Tuesday :: 30 minute HITT/Tabata workout via the FASTer Way to Fat Loss App + 30-60 minutes walk

Wednesday :: 30 minute strength training at home or gym + 30-60 minutes walk

Thursday :: tennis match

Friday :: 30 minute strength training at home or gym + 30-60 minutes walk

Saturday :: leg day workout via FASTer Way to Fat Loss app

Sunday :: rest day {unless I have a tennis match} + a long outdoor walk


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