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My Current Home Finds – Cyndi Spivey

My Current Home Finds – Cyndi Spivey

Happy Friday! We’re still enjoying a few days away, but we’re headed home tomorrow. I’m having my family over for lunch on Sunday for Father’s Day. Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Today, I’m sharing my current home finds that I’ve added to our home. We moved into this house last year, and I’m slowly getting it decorated so that it feels like home. I still have some bare walls, but I’m taking my time and adding things when I find them.

My Current Home Finds

Solar Deck Lights

I added these to our outdoor area and love the added light. It comes with strong adhesive tape, and that’s what I used instead of screwing them into our concrete.

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Blue and White Hydrangea Wreath

I have this wreath on my front door for the summer season.

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Taper Candle Holders

I love adding candles, and I have these in our dining room.

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Set of 4 Ginger Jar Prints

I love these ginger jar prints. I framed them with 11×14 gold frames.

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Upholstered Loveseat

I needed something in our entrance hall, so I added this love seat with the ceramic garden stool below. I also have these pillows on the love seat.

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Ceramic Garden Stool

I have this stool in my entrance hall but it could also be used outside.

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Metal Arch Wall Mirror

I added this mirror over the dresser drawers in my guest bedroom. I have one on each side of the bed.

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Hydrangea and Eucalyptus Faux Floral Arrangement

This pretty arrangement can be added to any room; I have it on my kitchen table.

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Contemporary Table Lamp

I have two of these lamps in my dining room, and I liked them so much that I added two to my guest bedroom, too.

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3 Drawer Dresser

I have this dresser drawer in my guest bedroom, and I love the coastal chic look.

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Check out more home finds here:

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Truth: This verse reminds us that everything we have and accomplish is because of God’s grace. We can never boast about our accomplishments because they are all made possible by God’s grace.

Paul was a perfect example of this truth. He worked as hard as anyone else to spread the gospel, but he always acknowledged that God’s grace enabled him to do so. He knew that he was nothing without God’s help.

This verse can also be a source of encouragement for us. When we feel discouraged or feel like we’re not good enough, we can remember that it’s not about us. It’s about God’s grace. And His grace is sufficient for us.

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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