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Mandy Moore on Her Low-Key Beauty Routine and 25 Years of ‘Candy’

Mandy Moore on Her Low-Key Beauty Routine and 25 Years of ‘Candy’

Even over the usually cursed light of Zoom, Mandy Moore is glowing.

Of course, a few days after our interview, I learn that the This Is Us star is, in fact, pregnant with her third child with husband Taylor Goldsmith. But at the moment, I am taken aback by her luminescence—so much so that I immediately add Eucerin skin care products to my shopping cart. Moore, who recently partnered with Eucerin on its new “Expect More” campaign, has always been a “long, long, longtime fan” of the brand. “I have been a user of the Advanced Repair Lotion for years and years, as long as I can remember, and then had more recently been introduced to all of their face products and sun care,” she says.

When the soon-to-be mom of three isn’t juggling acting, music, or her new podcast, spending time with her family is priority. Her sons, Gus, 3, and Ozzie, 1, keep her and Goldsmith’s hands full, so skin care needs to be efficient for the whole family. “Life is busy, as it is for most people. So I like products that are effective,” she says.

Ahead, Moore opens up about her low-key glam routine, her early career moments (I don’t know who needs to hear this, but “Candy” turns 25 this year), and more.

Glamour: “Candy” is one of my all-time favorites from that ’90s pop era. When you look back on that song, what stands out?

Mandy Moore: Besides some fashion that I cringe about and some unfortunate hair and makeup choices [laughs]. I mean, I think back to that time and I have a lot of affection for that 15-year-old Mandy, and I’m grateful to her. I’m grateful for where I started and that I’m still able to do what I love now, 25 years later. I can’t believe that I managed to get through that time relatively unscathed. It’s just wild. It feels like it happened to somebody else. In a way, it’s still so tangible and visceral—that time and those memories and MTV and touring with NSYNC and those sorts of things. But also, I feel so far removed from it, that it’s like I’m thinking back to a movie and someone else that lived it.

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