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Love to Wear Black & White? Start with a Scarf – Helen Nonini Scarf by Echo

January 31, 2024

We’re almost through January! Did you notice that there were THIRTY-ONE Mondays in January? Sheesh….

But we have loveliness to brighten this last day:

The colors here are glorious – bright, strong, and just slightly off of the usual or expected red and blue…

I realized within seconds that there was virtually NO way I was going to be able to match those colors to any dress, sweater, or much of anything. Furthermore, I decided that I wasn’t going to try!

Many of you know that I wear a lot of black and white; the best way to show this scarf in its full beauty would be to pair it with subtle, classic clothes, and some special accessories.

This first ensemble is a simple but perfect way to dress when you have to both work and do something social later in the day…

If you need to wear a dress, but you don’t want to complicate things, wear your washable wool, with comfy shoes and accessories that draw all the attention to your lovely face…

When you need to go out for a relatively casual activity, but you still want to look like you made some effort, a scarf, fun earrings and colorful shoes make it fast and perfect!

Sometimes, you have to be a grown-up! But you can still put a little bit of fun into your very appropriate outfit:

When I was choosing pieces for these outfits, I wasn’t really thinking of these items as a travel capsule wardrobe. But when you put everything together, you could certainly do worse than to take this on a long weekend adventure! 

Yes, it’s a lot of handbags. Maybe bags are your thing…

For about 25 years – from the time I was 30 until my mid 50s, I wore exclusively black and white. I never got bored…



p.s. Ten years ago, our painting was by Childe Hassam, and our color palette was taupe, grey, gold and turquoise!

Love to Wear Black & White Start with a Scarf - Helen Nonini Scarf by Echo

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