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Look Your Best With Stylish Winter Weekend Outfits

Happy Friday, gang! Yours truly is finally feeling back to normal after a bout with Bronchitis that set in after the wedding festivities. I was on the go, go, go from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, and my body finally told me, “If you’re not going to slow down, we’ll do it for you…” Since I never get sick (knock on wood), I have to say it was tough being sidelined with congestion and a cough that lingered. But I’m happy to report I’m back in action and feeling good. Kelly and I are kicking off the weekend with Winter Weekend Outfits, a refreshing cocktail and yummy appetizer. 

It’s been cold in this neck of the woods since January 1st, but we’re finally thawing out with temps in the 60s, although it’s overcast. I can never decide which is better: sunny and cold or gloomy and warm. Forget that! I’ll choose sunny and warm any day of the week, which has me thinking I need a quick warm weather getaway. Caribbean, Mexico, or somewhere in the States? Let me know your favorite vacay spots.

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