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June 2024 Start with a Bracelet – Cabernet Dreams Bracelets by Fierce Lynx Designs

June 2024 Start with a Bracelet – Cabernet Dreams Bracelets by Fierce Lynx Designs

June 19, 2024

So if you’re going away for the weekend to visit a few vineyards, shouldn’t your wardrobe be based on a “wine-themed” bracelet? (or scarf, or brooch…)

Especially when your favorite neutral is navy!


The weather where they’re going will be warm, unless it’s cool. The days will be hot, or chilly. Nobody seems to be sure what to expect, so she packs accordingly!

She knows that they will be going to a nice dinner, and she’s hopeful that there will be a day warm enough to wear shorts. But she’s determined not to pack too much – if she has to wear burgundy pants all three days, so be it!

Our heroine is channeling her favorite author – Laurie Colwin – by packing three striped tops. Laurie was well-known in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC for always wearing a striped tee shirt! If you’re not familiar with her writing, start here, with Home Cooking. She’s been a favorite of mine for decades…

When she spreads everything out on the bed before carefully stuffing it into her backpack, it looks pretty coherent—and very striped!

As all clever heroines will do, she assembles a bunch of outfits just to be sure that she’s not forgotten anything important. (like “real” shoes – imagine a weekend with just one pair of sandals for sightseeing!)

Our heroine suspects that she’s either going to HATE striped tops in a few days or that she (very possibly) will start collecting them. There are certainly worse signature styles in the world!



p.s. Ten years ago, I took the plunge into a “Start From Scratch” wardrobe, beginning with an excellent pair of pants! I still believe that nice pants might be the best place to start a new wardrobe…

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