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June 2024 “Six Paintings, Twelve Months” – Part 2

June 2024 “Six Paintings, Twelve Months” – Part 2

June 5, 2024

Today’s three heroines went three very interesting, different directions in their wardrobes – all of them valid!

Let’s start with Rothko, who is fast becoming one of my very favorite artists:

Our first heroine has a wardrobe that feels like it has a lot of accent color in it, although it’s not a huge percentage of the whole (37.5% to be exact) …

And she has gloriously pretty accessories:

But for June, she felt like settling into some neutrals – especially a workhorse pair of black linen pants. (these should be worn at least weekly until the first frost…)

She also decided to go ahead and buy a cashmere hooded sweatshirt – yes, she might have grabbed a cotton one instead, but this feels more like a long-term buy. She will only be able to wear it on cool days through the summer, or over her shoulders in the million overly air-conditioned places she goes. But she knows that these sweaters will only get more expensive (and possibly lower quality!) if she waits to buy one…

A couple of fun tops round out here June wardrobe plan:

Her wardrobe now feels a bit more grounded in her neutrals:

And it’s starting to feel as if she is getting enough of those essential black accessories!

Her new outfits that she can make with her purchases aren’t shocking or amazing; when you buy neutrals, you don’t get a lot of shock value! Nor do you want it…

Next up is the heroine who’s wardrobe calls to me – in a different life, without purple highlights in my hair, this would be me!

This heroine’s wardrobe at the end of May was well balanced and wildly versatile.

And she has really pretty accessories…

Her goal for this month was originally a nebulous “something for hiking,” but once she stumbled onto the treasure trove of green garments at Orvis, she was able to focus and make her choices pretty quickly!

The green additions give her wardrobe a more balance feeling of nature in the spring and summer:

And her accessories look a bit more rugged, with the addition of high-tops and a backpack! This may not be the kind of thing that every wants or needs, though…

It’s hard to imagine how many new outfits she can actually find with the addition of her June purchases; here’s a sample:

Let’s finish our June wardrobes with a look at our heroine who is inspired by the work of Paul Klee:

This is the kind of painting that can inspire a one-of-a-kind wardrobe, in surprising colors and combinations. Our heroine is starting to feel a little bit like she’s skipping the “surprising accents” and leaning too much on the beige…

Her wardrobe is certainly versatile, and offers a lot of accent possibilities, and her accessories (especially her scarves) are just right:

She was looking for accents – maybe two or three different colors, this month?

But THEN, she found the yellow currently carried by Boden… Oh my…

A bunch of Jessie Zhao New York scarves are on sale…

Yes, she bought a wool scarf to go with all of this! It’s not as if the scarf is like a heavy cashmere muffler – this wool is going to be pretty light and airy. But our heroine is willing to buy it now, even if it she doesn’t wear it frequently in the summer. The first cold day, with her yellow cashmere sweater, she’s going to be delighted that she bought it when it was available!

NOW, her wardrobe feels more bright and eccentric – the feel she was wanting!

And her accessories – what’s not to love about bright yellow shoes?

This heroine had bright print tops in her wardrobe, that she was wearing with beige. Now that she has those yellow pants… Her outfit possibilities are both cheerful and pretty!

I don’t think anybody is surprised that my favorite wardrobe is the Rothko, but it would be an interesting experiment to wear one of these for a month… Don’t know how that could be possible, except in our imaginations!



p.s. Ten years ago, someone among us wanted to buy a black and white Hermes scarf, and was overwhelmed with options. I had some ideas…

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