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June 2024 “Six Paintings, Twelve Months” – Part 1

June 2024 “Six Paintings, Twelve Months” – Part 1

June 3, 2024

Time to visit our six heroines and see what intelligent, well-considered wardrobe additions they make this month!

knowing full well that these wardrobes could be expanded in ways that defy logic…

This painting doesn’t grow old:

At the end of May, our heroine had 24 garments in this capsule wardrobe – LOTS of red:

And her accessories were just right for her – I will always believe that you can tell much more about a woman from her accessories rather than just her clothes!

Our heroine only has one dress – the classic grey one – and she feels like she wants something for summer. It wasn’t a big leap to decide that a two-piece camp shirt and skirt was perfect:

Filling in her clothing purchases with a striped tee and a white cardigan felt obvious, and useful. But what’s REALLY useful? – a silver bag, sandals and earrings. No-brainer accessorizing…

And now, her wardrobe is even MORE red – as soon as autumn clothes begin to arrive in stores, she SWEARS that she’s going to buy more gray:

Her accessories are great – such a neat range of earrings!

The ONE thing that this heroine needs to remember – always launder her red top and skirt at the same time! It would be SO easy to wear the red top much more often than the skirt. But by the end of summer, they might not match anymore…

And how to wear these lovely new things? Let’s see:

Let’s make a BIG color palette swing:

Her 24-piece wardrobe at the end of May is a really efficient, but still interesting, model of a capsule wardrobe:

And her accessories are beautiful! Do we assume that this person has blue eyes?

This heroine went shopping without a clear plan – maybe a pair of shorts… When she saw this embroidered top, she KNEW the direction she would take!

Even though it’s only one top, the embroidered top brings a happy feeling to this entire wardrobe:

And you get the sense that those blue espadrilles are going to be real workhorses for the summer:

So many new outfits, from buying two “statement” garments and two dead neutral classics:

I think I say this every month, but I stick with my feeling that I could wear these shades of blue for a long time…

Today’s last wardrobe is based on this enigmatic, elegant yet earthy painting:

This particular (freckled?) heroine finishes the month of May with this 24-piece capsule wardrobe:

And these accessories:

This heroine already has a couple of pairs of shorts, and she has NO interest in a dress or skirt… hmm… Capris, or cropped pants, seem to be something for her to consider. And she would like a casual 2nd layer – a nice sweatshirt (yes, these things exist!) is a thought…

Her wardrobe is a model of cohesive planning. Her accent tops in shades of rust don’t all match, but that’s a compromise that has to be made sometimes, when you’re looking for a color that’s difficult to find…

And her accessories are beautiful…

She’s never lacked for ways to get dressed, and her new purchases make that even easier!

Have you picked up any ideas for your wardrobe? For my birthday, at the end of this month, I’m getting a new sweatshirt…



p.s. Ten years ago, I based a wardrobe on a photograph of a flowering tree that I found in a parking lot; beauty is where you find it!

p.p.s. This is released tomorrow – you can order it here… I’m pretty doggone sure that many of us are going to devour this:



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