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Jason Kelce Was “Overwhelmed” By The Number Of Celebrities Who Wanted To Meet Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

There’s the level of fame where normal people want to meet you, and then there’s Taylor Swift, who is so famous, other famous people want to meet her.

Jason Kelce, brother of Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce, recently opened up about how crazy it can get just to be in the singer’s presence during a big event.

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“I think it was my first [time] really understanding… some of the things that she has to deal with on a [daily] basis,” Kelce told his younger brother during the post-Super Bowl episode of their podcast, “New Heights.”

While Travis Kelce was on the field, his brother, his wife Kylie Kelce and his mom Donna Kelce were all in a suite with Swift and her friends…and all the other celebrities who kept dropping by.

“There were so many star-studded people there where it’s like dude, everyone wants to come see her, but the suite is only so big,” he said.

“It was overwhelming to be honest with you,” he added, per People. “It was very overwhelming, I was going outside the suite, I was talking to Keegan Michael-Key and his wife…the celebrity attendance was pretty unreal.” In fact, Kelce didn’t get to see much of Usher’s halftime performance, because “there was so much happening in the suite at the time.”

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